VOD CMS: What You Need to Know About Video Content Management

Recent studies state, ‘’The global video content management system market size is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 14.0% during the forecast period, to reach USD 6.8 billion by 2026 from USD 3.5 billion in 2021.’’

If you’re looking to create an entertainment platform to cater to the modern viewers of 2021, you require an efficient video content management platform. Having a VOD CMS will ensure, all your VOD content is being streamed online without any hassle.

The future of entertainment and other online industries is OTT which is why having reliable resources in place will make your work efficient.

As per recent studies, ‘’The global consumption of SVOD platform content grew by 20%. By the end of 2020, the number of paid subscribers of VoD grew by 47 million globally.’’

To help you understand the basic queries of Video CMS this blog will be your guide

What Do You Mean By ‘Video Content Management System’?

Video content management platforms work in eliminating the common issue which most business or video content owners fail to spot.

When your video on demand platform continues to grow, so will the VOD content. 

If you’re starting initially, it will be easier to manage all your VOD content, but what happens when the number increases?

The need for a video content management system is required.  In order to exhibit VOD content in a systematic order, a VOD Content management can help you. 

How Does VOD CMS Functions?

VOD CMS functions via cloud storage. 

Thus, when you want to exhibit your video content in order, VOD CMS will ensure that all the former is stored in that manner.

Here are the top 4 benefits of VOD CMS:

1. Conducts easy VOD content management

One of the key features of VOD CMS is to make the process of video content distribution simple. This simple act helps video content owners or business owners to continue sharing video content with ease. 

2. Simplified video content management platform

Investing in a video content management platform has its perks. For instance, it becomes the hub for viewers to access or find content that appeals to them. With the growing times, scaling the video content library becomes easy if you have an efficient video content management platform in place.

Apart from this VOD CMS also provides detailed analytics. In this, you can easily analyse which video content is performing well, what is not being viewed much or what is the current performance status of the month or week or year and personalise the platform accordingly. 

3. Efficient video workflow process

Video content management systems require an efficient workflow process. From distribution to format conversions, with an automated workflow, this process becomes convenient and speeds up the process. 

4. Provides high end security

Security plays a crucial factor in the best VOD streaming platforms. As you operate in the online world, there are high risks associated with data. Thus using a VOD CMS helps you secure all confidential information. Only authorised users or team members will have access to certain accounts. 

Even with video content owners, when it comes to monetization and being admins, they can leverage the control using video CMS and create a security blanket. 

Top 6 Features Of Video CMS

Before you invest in a VOD content management system, it is important to ensure that the relevant features are present in it. 

These features ensure that the process of aligning video content is aligned well.

We have covered the top 6 features that are a need when you invest in an online video management platform, especially in 2021. 

1. Video search via speech or text

It becomes easy to find the right content to watch with VOD CMS.

Via text searches or speech recognition, VOD CMS ensures that finding the right content amongst a huge content library is simple. 

2. Video edits

Once the video content has been published, it is mandatory for video content owners to shape it well.

Thus VOD CMS should allow VOD content owners to add descriptions, metatags or trim the video accordingly.

3. Video transcoding

Not everyone will use one device or a format to watch your video content. Hence once the videos content are uploaded, a VOD CMS should ensure that all of them are transcoded.

This will help you exhibit the video content in a format that will be catered to all viewers. 

4. Adaptive bitrate adjustment

If the streaming quality is low, online viewers will never return back.

Thus it is important for VOD CMS to provide adaptive bitrate adjustments to ensure that all video content benign exhibited has great streaming qualities. To name a few are 240p, 360p and can go up to 108p. 

5. Live streaming

Live streaming is growing and has the potential to grow twice more in the future.  VOD Streaming features needed to be integrated in VOD CMS along with the ability to access content and secure them when needed. 

Today live streaming is being used by multiple business owners thus using it well matters. 

6. Monetizing videos

Monetizing videos are the new form of income from the VOD platform for video content owners. Thus a great VOD CMS needs to make it easy for such owners to monetize their VOD well and generate better income. 


VOD CMS is growing popular because of the rapid growth of VOD platforms.

Thus if you’re looking to create one, we suggest investing in a reliable VOD platform that offers great security, tons of features, and is easy to get started with. 

So tell us, when do you plan to get started with it?

What are your views about VOD content management platforms in 2021?

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