Video Marketing: A Strategy with Killer Results


Video marketing is tricky especially with the amount of video content available online. To help you with this, here is one of the best video marketing strategies out there.

Find a Dedicated Videographer

01_find a dedicated videographer

Budget always worries any company but you can avoid this by finding a good videographer and creating a good relationship with him. This is done when you offer a good deal for him and you. The best way to do this is to offer him a talent fee that both of you are happy with in exchange for one short video every week. This way, you can manage your budget well while getting your constant flow of content.

In this set-up, consider going for the more authentic approach. This way, your videographer can just use a high quality camera – which you need to provide – and ideas to make great content.

Ideas Make Stories

02_ideas make stories

You will never run out of ideas for stories because of how much you can teach in your craft. Start by explaining what your company does. From there you can go to the more detailed and more useful content. These can range from demo videos and interviews to fun campaign videos. Personalized videos are also great to bring back the personal feel of sales.

Don’t Focus Just on Products

Focus on the people as well. The videos need to feel human if they are to connect with your audience. You can do this by featuring stories of customers, your partners, and your top executives

Stick to Short Content

Any videographer knows that editing is the toughest part of any video production. This is especially true when it comes to technical content. While it may be tempting to explain the detailed intricacies of your topic, you must understand that you must cater to the young minds in the buyer’s journey. Thus, you must make easily understandable and shorter videos first. If and when your market shows interest in a more in-depth video, then that’s when you do it.

Show the Audience What to Do Next

03_show the audience what to do next

In relation to the last point, say you already have your simple video that briefly explains the outline of a topic. Of course you wouldn’t want to end the video with a blank screen. Offer links and other call to actions at the end of the video where the viewer can be led to the video with more information.

The point of this is to hold on to the viewer so that you can lead them further into the buyer’s journey even after the video is done. Other call to actions can include links to other posts or survey polls.

Show It Everywhere

The best place to put your video is everywhere! All the different platforms offer certain pros and cons for the marketing of your video. Having it on your own website has SEO advantages but you must make sure that the video doesn’t slow the load speed. YouTube is also great for SEO because it is directly connected to Google but your video could be related to those of your competitors. Facebook too also has enhanced video marketing capabilities but this is still new and yet to be completely polished.

Use all of these and be sure to monitor how they all perform to see which the best for your type of content is.

Measure and Analyze

04_measure and analyze

When measuring the performance of your video, don’t look at just the views because this simply means that people viewed it but it doesn’t show what they did after. You must determine if they became leads. You can do this by analyzing more in-depth stats such as drop-off rates, repeat views, and durations of views. People who view 3 of your videos are more likely to become leads than those that clicked away after 8 seconds. These are the leads that you want to nurture to become buyers.

Key Takeaway

In the end, a video is an effective medium but it is still just in the awareness stage of the buyer’s journey. To turn the viewers of the video into buyers, the right content must be made, placed on the right platform, led to the right CTA, turned into leads, and nurtures into buyers.


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