VHD File Is Corrupted And Unreadable-Solution Of Disastrous Problem

Data Loss Situation – Disastrous Problem For Virtual Machine Users

“Hello everyone I am a Virtual machine user. Last Night when I turn on the Virtual machine. I got VHD file corruption error. All the files and documents saved in the VHD file turned into unreadable. This Virtual hard disk file contains my official data as well as my personal data. Can anyone tell if someone is facing the issue like VHD file is corrupted and unreadable problem then how to restore valuable data from the Virtual hard disk file. Thanks in advance!”

Are you also a Virtual machine user? If the above query seems to be familiar to you then you are at the right place. In this blog section, we are going to discuss the Virtual machine, VHD
(Virtual hard disk file format). And various possible reasons for corruption of VHD file, Why the user has to face the disastrous situation like VHD file corrupted and unreadable problem. We will discuss the solution with the help of manual as well as with the help of professional solution like SysTools Hyper-V Recovery tool.

What is a Virtual Machine?

Have you heard about the Virtual machine? If yes then you must have heard about it is basically allows to run multiple operating systems on the computer. The virtual machine is like a software program that acts as a computer system. It provides a virtual environment to the user to run the guest operating system on the host operating system. Let us discuss the Importance of Virtual machine in day to day life. Here are the benefits of using the Virtual machine such as:

  1. The user can use new versions of operating systems.
  2. Provide the option to test software on new platforms.
  3. It allows performing an experiment with other operating systems.
  4. The user can run those software applications which require outdated operating systems.

What is VHD (Virtual Hard disk file format)?

The term VHD file stands for ‘Virtual hard disk file’. These files act similar to your hard disk to store the user’s valuable information on the Virtual machine. Like the Physical hard disk files, these Virtual hard disk file may also get prone to corruption and user has to face VHD file is corrupted and unreadable situation. When the Virtual hard drive file is corrupted the user also has to face immense inconvenience in accessing their valuable data from the Virtual disk drives.

Reasons For VHD File Is Corrupted And Unreadable Issue

If the user is getting the above message then the Virtual hard disk file is corrupted. In some cases, the user won’t be able to figure out the exact reasons of VHD file corruption. But the user must have to the know the most common reasons of VHD file corruption so that the users can avoid them in the future.

  1. VHD file corruption problem due to Virus infection-The reason behind the user has to face VHD file is corrupted and unreadable issue because of Virus infection. It is responsible for the corruption of programs/ applications installed on the system.
  2. Storage Media Failure Issues-This is also the most common reason for VHD file corruption issues. We know that The Virtual hard disk files act as an individual hard disk but these VHD saved on the host computer system. In case If the corruption occurs in the storage media on the main hard disk drive then this also makes VHD file inaccessible.
  3. Forcefully Shutdown of The host operating System-One of the main reason of VHD file is corrupted and unreadable problem. If the user abruptly or forcefully shut down the operating system. Then it may damage the software as well as hardware devices. Improperly closing of the Virtual machine may also damage the Virtual hard disk file.
  4. Human Errors are Also Responsible For This Problem-Yes Human mistake such as accidental deletion or removal of important system files or cleaning system registry, Improper management of disk etc. These all are the common problems the user has to face this error.

     Here is the manual method to resolve this error

Note: To resolve this error, the user must recent and clean backup then the user can restore the Virtual hard disk files. In case if the Virtual hard disk file is highly corrupted then the restoration activity may take the elongated time than as usual.

  1. First, the user has to mount the Virtual hard disk file in the parent partition and then run a script CHKDSK to repair it.
  2. Now check the integrity of the Virtual hard disk file and by using this Hyper-V machine.
  3. Add the Virtual hard disk file to the IDE controller and click on the Inspect button.
  4. In this step merge the VHD file and verify that you are able to open them through Windows 7, server 2008

Expert Solution To Resolve VHD File is corrupted or Unreadable Error

SysTools Hyper-V Recovery Software is an effective tool to restore the Virtual hard disk file data from all types of corruption issues such as Virus attack, faulty physical storage, Human errors etc. The user interface of this software is designed in such a way so that technical and non-technical user anyone can use this software with ease.

Here are the most important features of this software:

  1. Performs successful data recovery from corrupt, damaged and dismounted Virtual hard disk file partition.
  2. Restore all types of files such as audio, video, email files, database files docs etc.
  3. This software supports data recovery from FAT and NTFS file systems.
  4. The software can easily scan and recover data from any size VHD file.
  5. This software is compatible with all versions of Windows OS.

Perform the following steps to restore the data from the VHD file.

  1. Download and Install the  Hyper-V VHD recovery software.
  2. Then Click Open browse and select the VHD file from your system.
  3. Now choose the partition which you want to restore.
  4. Click on Scan partition Button.
  5. Choose the recovery mode from the quick scan and advance scan.
  6. Preview the data stored in a Virtual hard disk file.

Time To Conclude

From the above article, we have discussed the issue of how to resolve VHD file is corrupted and unreadable error. We have also discussed the Virtual machine, advantages of the virtual machine, various possible reason corruption of Virtual hard disk file. We have resolved this issue with the help of manual and expert solution. The above-discussed manual is quite difficult to perform. So best advice to the user is to opt expert solution to restore data from VHD files.

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