Top Reasons Why Software Development Projects Fail? Thank Me Later

In this age, software development can be said to be the backbone in technological advancement. Starting from web development, site applications to mobile apps, the effects of a failed software development project can be both costly and devastating.

Based on research, the bigger the firm or organization is, the higher the chances of software failure. A closer look at these failures reveals some factors that greatly contribute to this repetitive failures. In order to maintain a step ahead of these failures and get a successful outcome, it is important to take a closer look at some of the factors that contribute to these failures.

Improper Control of Budgets

Improper Control of Budgets

Assigning a certain budget on a custom software development services is very difficult, even for expert developers. Any customer will definitely ask for a fixed price for software development solutions in India, with reasons of proper budgeting. However, considering that hurdles are reached upon along the way of software development, budget flexibility has to be considered even by the customers. In most cases, the customer will even ask for a change before the end of the project.

The more information provided by the customer regarding the current systems in place and the internal process, the better for the developer so that from the onset, he understands the project and this will lead to a proper budgeting. Finally, it is very hard to find a customer whose goals and those of the developer align. Mostly, the developer is usually in a hurry to get the work done while the customer expects nothing but a well feature final project.

Unrealistic budgets and timings

Again from research done at a software development company India, one of the reasons why software development projects fail is due to an overrun in cost and timing. In an effort to eliminate cost and time overruns, most software developers try not to raise too much expectations on the customer. Right from the negotiations phase, the developer should be clear and honest with the customer to avoid unrealistic expectations from the customer.

Poor or no Communication

Poor client Communication

Software development is a very sensitive matter and should be handled like so. Right from the beginning, there should be clear and adequate communication between the developer and the customer. This communication should start from the very beginning of the project with the developer updating the customer on every step or any change that has to be done.

Lack of communication breakdown has been cited as one of the most effective contributor to the failure of these projects. Involving the customer at every step will ensure that the customer’s expectations are in line with the possible outcome of the project and will also alert the customer in case of a failure possibility.

Lack of Feasibility Analysis

Before any software developer starts undertaking a large scale project, the customer should conduct a feasibility analysis meant to make sure that the project is really vital for their organization, its implementation will actually work and that it makes sense.

Resistance to change

It is in the human nature to resist change. However, if you want to succeed as a developer or project manager, you have to have the ability to resist the resistance to change. The truth is, there is a vast number of project management tools that are readily available to make the work of outsourcing software development company more effective and a lot easier. The problem is however, most managers are not willing to welcome this much needed change which will actually work in their favor.

This could sound unbelievable especially in the world of technology which is ever evolving and changing. There are methodologies that have been strategically put in place to advocate for flexible improvements and change as part of the determinants of a company’s success.

Working Without a purpose

Working Without a purpose

It is very immoral to create a software just for the sake of completing the job and getting paid. As a software developer, this should come as a passion with your main aim being building a brand which, in a surprising turn of events, may end up earning you more money than expected. You have to carefully study the project and believe in it, that it is something worth your time. This is why it is important to pick projects that you fully understand.

Lack of Legal Agreements/ Poor Legal Agreements

Both parties should come with a transparent legal framework that clearly outlines the whole development project with a list of expectations for both the customer and the developer. This is very crucial in ensuring a successful outcome of the project. There have been a lot of cases of very bitter legal disputes. There should be a very clear and binding agreement kept in place to protect both parties from the start of the project. This contract should highlight the design of the software, the process of development and its timeline, testing for both the customers and developers sites, service legal agreement, maintenance and support, the schedule for important releases and updates, changes control, variations in managing, the rights to intellectual properties, escrow source code, delays penalties, the termination clause and dispute resolution techniques.

Poor Legal Agreements

A project escrow service ensures that there is an available copy of the source code, deposited each month in the projects duration. In case of a dispute when the project is underway, the escrow service will serve to protect the customer. The service is a very complicated decision and only comes as a last resort, but it will give the customer a chance to change the developer even before the end of the project, without having to depend on the previous developer to transfer his goodwill to the code.

In conclusion, there are factors to be considered for the success of the project. Judging from a customer’s point of view, despite all the forces that work against the success of a software development project, the following points can work in favor of ensuring success of the project.

  • Full participation of the customer
  • Support from the senior management
  • A clear requirements statement right from the beginning of the project.

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