Top 10 Appointment Booking Software of 2022

Every business whether small or big must own Appointment Booking Software to manage their clients. Certainly, these days every organization has such software which gives them professional dealing as well as saves time. Above all, they are useful while keeping the records of visits, purpose and what company offered on their last visit.

Through this Appointment booking software, it becomes easy to maintain records with accuracy and sort data conveniently at any time. Of course, every business is likely to have its own requirement to look for in the scheduler and it varies. Undoubtedly, there is ample Appointment Calendar Software available.  A list of best-known software is defined in this article. Let’s find out!

Best Software for Appointment booking software


AppointEze is software that uses cloud technology to manage the business. It checks the availability and books the appointment from clients. Therefore, this software is the best fit for small as well as medium businesses.

Features of AppointEze

Manage the Appointments

Though, every software has a basic feature of managing the appointments. AppointEze has some interesting characteristics. Additionally, it set reminders to notify the client when they have a booking. Moreover, the software is synchronized with google calendar to avoid taking booking twice for a single date. 

Schedule the meetings

Moving to next, the software helps in arranging the meeting to the team based on availability and priority.

Managing Leads

Moreover, this software is designed to manage leads effectively. In the same vein, it records the leads from Websites and other platforms and stores them in one place.

Insight availability

Significantly, Insight is a software feature that helps a business to track performance and show actual data of productivity. 

Email Updates

It is equally important to take feedback from clients after the services. Positively, the email section of AppointEze saves your time by tracking the emails that have been answered.


Bitrix24 is an online Appointment booking software. This software is specially designed for small businesses,  large companies, or solo entrepreneurs. In addition to this, the tool is just not an appointment scheduling tool but works well for the company’s internal activities.

Features of Bitrix24

Acquiring Leads

It collects leads from different mediums such as calls, social media, webinars, and web forms and adds to CRM.

Managing Leads

The software gives you an insight into leads. Above all, it indicates which lead needs focus to get conversions.

Sales Management

The sales management earlier required a dedicated team. Whereas, it now uses the mechanization that aims to own the responsibilities of a manager or sales team.

Managing workload

The software distributes workload evenly among all the employees. Besides, It keeps track of the projects assigned as well as collects daily reports.

Customer care

The software has many options to make it easy for the customers to interact with the teams regarding any service inquiry or issues via Phone call, chat or feedback forms.

Online stores and Websites

The business gets an opportunity to set up an online store to keep a record of their sales, manage the inventory as well as accept payments. Additionally, the Website can also be built with the simple practice of picking a company-specific template.

Mio Salon

It is an Appointment booking software tool for Salons and Spas. This software is designed significantly for the salon keeping in mind the need of this industry. 

Features of Miosalon

Appointment scheduling

The appointment is booked at any time of the day. The appointments are booked from Websites as well as from social media platforms.

Therefore, the promotions can also run on various google platforms with specific audience targeting. Set reminders and send greetings to clients.

Insight of Business

This option gives the business the reports of the performance. In effect, business owners can access information such as productivity of staff, conversions, appointments made, lost appointments, and cancellations.

Trigger notification

It generates appointment reminders, occasional greetings, as well as invoices and sends them to clients.

Data Security

The data is safe with the software. For this reason, every staff member is provided with different login credentials. The communication is encrypted with SSL Certificate. 


Engagebay is an Appointment Calendar Software designed for every business type. The CRM system manages all appointments for the Business. 

Feature of Engagebay

Customize Appointment calender

A client gets the freedom to choose the slot at their convenience and make the booking. Secondly, the software displays all the available time slots and makes the booking accordingly.

Automatic Email 

The software sends automatic emails to remind the clients of their booked appointment as well as missed appointments. Additionally, it also takes follow-up regularly.

Sync with Calendar

There is no need to update the calendar separately. The scheduler sync the calendar with Outlook, Google, and others.

No Limitation Constraints

While there is no limit to taking appointments. Engagebay applies no constraints of the software to restrict the number of bookings per day.

User-friendly interface

The interface of the software is user-friendly. The options are easy to navigate. As a result, the users face no issue in booking appointments.

Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling is a Scheduling software that helps the business to organize the data in one place. The data can be accessible to the company anytime to work more effectively.

Features of Acuity Scheduling

Synchronization of Calenders

Acuity Scheduling sync the calendar to update the staff about the new bookings as well as cancellations from the client end.

Take payments online

The software has a secure process of accepting payments from third-party payment applications such as Paypal. 

Interact with clients

The software has an easy connecting method with the clients. Therefore, clients get the opportunity to communicate with staff via video conferencing.

Reduce no shows

There is a chance of missed appointments due to any reason. However, the software set the booking date and sends a reminder of their booking to them.


10to8 is a unique appointment scheduling Application preferred by many businesses. The software is a good fit for small to large businesses. 

 Features of 10to8

Professional Interaction with Clients

The software helps maintain a professional relationship with the clients by sending them automatic confirmation of appointments. 

Easy to navigate Website

The software is designed with simple and easy-to-follow steps. The client can book the appointments easily. More importantly, It manages payments from third-party platforms.

High tech scheduling Software

The Appointment Calendar Software uses the High technology of the cloud. It notifies the business about any changes made by the client such as well as cancellations. 

Powerful insight

The tool has a powerful insight option that let the staff check on productivity. It keeps checking on the cancellation and gets in touch with clients to know the status.


AppointmentsPlus is an Appointment Calender Software useful in handling complex operations. It can handle multiple bookings easily. Particularly, the software is designed with cloud-based technology to provide the smooth and better performance along with data security.

Features of AppointmentPlus

Allow multiple users at once

AppointmentPlus is efficient enough to handle multiple bookings at once without any glitch. Indeed,  it displays all the available slots and welcome booking of appointments.

Reminder to client for bookings

The software stores all the information of clients along with the booked dates of appointments. Secondly, it triggers reminder emails and notifications to clients to avoid missed appointments.

Link with social media

Social Media is an effective method of brand promotion. Therefore,  Businesses can promote themselves on social media platforms regarding the easy booking process and latest information posts.

Flexible technology

Cloud  Technology is used in AppointmentPlus software to adapt according to location. It adapts itself as the business grows in multiple locations. is software to book appointments online. The software has inbuilt AI features that respond to appointment queries. It works well for all business types.

Features of

Automatic response

The integrated AI feature enables the software to send automated responses to clients on making bookings or cancellations. It also sends a reminder for their appointment date.

Rescheduling appointments

In case the client has missed the appointment or canceled, the software reschedules it on demand. The software displays available slots on the screen to help the client book again.

Automatic scheduling

Whenever the client makes a booking, the easy navigation of the software helps the client to book the date. The interface is designed as user-friendly to make the booking process simpler.


The Wix is an Appointment booking software solution for organizations. The software helps the business to generate more revenue by saving time and avoiding missed appointments. 

Features of Wix:

Manage Bookings

The software manages all operations to manage the booking. Besides, it keeps the interface updated with the available slots. The software also tracks canceled appointments as well as missed bookings.

Secures the Data

The software has a secure process of handling the booking process along with an SSL Certificate. The client data is confidential and the company owns the responsibility to keep it secure. 

Sends notification

In effect,  to the AI integration, the system is capable enough to interact with users conveniently. It keeps checking on appointment booking and sending confirmation. 

My PT Hub

My PT Hub is a scheduling software, particularly for the health and fitness industry. The software is built with many features to boost the business revenue and generate leads. 

Feature of My PT Hub:

Keep a record of Attendance

On daily basis, many clients visit the gyms and coaching centers where software records attendance. So the software keeps the record of all present candidates.

Generate invoices

It generates invoices automatically and the client receives them after the billing. 

Schedule the classes

People like to attend the sessions at their convenience. Therefore, the client schedule classes online on the software.

Accept booking online

My PT Hub manages all the bookings and stores the information of all the clients. Additionally, the software displays all the inventory as well as slots available for booking. 


To sum up, there is a wide range of appointment booking software available. Significantly, All the software is cloud-based with AI integration to give a better experience and to perform operations seamlessly.

Yi Ling Chen is a passionate writer associated with AppointEze since 2018. She spends most of her leisure time reading novels, traveling the world, and learning new things. She writes on technology and software-related topics that helps businesses to grow.