The Secret of Better Business Performance Lies In Using the Business Database to Your Advantage

Business efficiency is all about your ability to manage data so that you can efficiently store, retrieve and sort information that provides valuable feedback about business performance. The data would reveal which way the business is going so that you can make ongoing changes to make it more efficient. In the digital world, that we live in today, no business can survive without having a good database that captures all aspects of business performance.

Database for all

Whether you have a small business with local interests or market your products across the world, you need the right database for your business. For staying competitive and gaining an edge over competitors, you have to fall back on the database to know the competition and devise strategies. To know what your customers want, you have to scan the database. Which products earn the highest revenue would become clear on analyzing sales data stored in the database.

Data drives business

For taking smart business decisions, you have to depend on a database that stores every piece of business information. How to plan an advertising campaign, which section of the audience should you target, what would be the right product mix to push up sales and which products you need to replace would become clear from data analysis.

The reports reveal the latest trend in business that helps to forecast demand for products that earns high revenue. We will now look deeper to understand how with the guidance of the experts at, your business database can become the center of all attraction in driving the business towards success.

The market is at your fingertips

When you have a strong database, you could very well do without the inputs of market intelligence. Data related to customers, products, sales and the market that is stored in the database is a powerhouse of information that captures the market behaviour. By analyzing the data in various ways, you gain valuable insights about market trends. You will come to know your customers closely by knowing their buying patterns.

It would reveal their preferences and help to realign the marketing strategy. By following the demand of products in various markets, you can ascertain which products would do well in specific markets. The customer database is of special importance due to its intrinsic value arising from its ability to generate sales.You can factor it for determining the business worth if you sell off the business or take loans.

Improve customer retention

As the database reveals information about what your customers want, you can improve the quality of products or services to win over customers.  Analysis of the customer-related data would tell you many things about customers. You can identify the biggest group of customers that patronize your business and help generate maximum revenue. Further analysis would reveal the frequency of purchase and even point out customers who have not at all purchased anything.

You can strengthen your relationship with positively minded customers and work out ways of appeasing those who have stayed away from making purchases so far. Not allowing any customer to have a second thought about coming back to you is the biggest take away from the database.  By retaining customers, you add value to the brand that would attract new customers. You would be able to explore new markets that had remained untapped.

Data-driven business decisions

All your business transactions remain safely stored in the database.  From assets to expenses and from taxes to revenue as well as transactions of all types find a place in the database that becomes rich in business history. You can extract data to generate reports that help to take commercial decisions for running the business efficiently. Asset management becomes easy as you can keep track of assets together with the movements that happen to it.

You can identify unwanted assets like computers or machinery and even think about using some assets that have remained idle for a long period.  It saves you from investing in new equipment by better utilization of assets. Financial management in areas of logistics, energy, and payroll becomes much easy when you have the right database for making data-driven decisions.

Better financial tracking

Having a good hold on your finances through close monitoring is essential to ensure that the money goes to the right places and not drained away. By looking at the transactions in the database, it is possible to track every payment and spending so that you know how much tax you have paid, the value of cash business and value of transactions by using credit cards and checks. It helps better auditing of cash as you can follow complete trails of transactions and enables better response to any queries related to it.

Databases are inseparable from businesses because non-availability of data can cripple businesses and spell its doom.

Ariya Stark is a CRM expert who has worked on Oracle databases for more than a decade. She began his career in database administration and served a company that manages databases for a while. Ariya was a good athlete and takes an interest in baseball too.