The Best Marketing Tool Out There: Social Media Marketing Tips

Social media marketing is vital to the success of any modern business, it is estimated that the spending would reach 17.34 billion dollars by the end of 2019

Using social media as a marketing tool may seem like a daunting task, but there are a few ways to use the platforms effectively; here is a list of social media marketing tips to propel the business to a next level.

#1 Creating a marketing strategy:

Most new businesses make the mistake of blindly jumping into social media marketing without developing a sound strategy. Deciding the target audience will allow reaching a particular demographics. This helps to establish curated content for specific social media platforms.

For example, only 18% of Instagram users are older than 50 years of age, while the number almost quadruples when it comes to Facebook. This means marketing in Instagram will result in reaching a younger demographic. Whereas LinkedIn offers employment and business-oriented services, catering to an entirely different users base. Businesses those provide service in LinkedIn markets their products targeting working professionals and business.

This shows the difference between platforms, and why it is essential to have different strategies for each of them.

#2 Promotion and visibility:

Staying visible is the very first rule of effective marketing. The more people come across a post, the better. It will always be a good idea to try to give the advertisement more shares than its competition.

An excellent social media plugin can be used to make sure that the social media post is visible to everyone when they are browsing the web. Most of the plugins are customizable with images and texts and are mobile friendly; they also work with e-commerce sites for product descriptions.

Marketing in facebook

#3 Visual storytelling:

Images act like a shortcut to the human brain. It’s also fun to share colorful, interesting posts, and research suggests people are more likely to share a social media post with pictures and videos, than a text-only post.

Websites like YouTube have become immensely popular. Companies have turned their advertisements into small clips to add in the main video. This shows the popularity of audiovisual platforms and their advantages as a marketing tool.

#4 Making a routine:

A consistent posting schedule ties directly back with the marketing plan. One should outline a few key factors.

  1. How often a post should be published (once every day being the absolute minimum).
  2. What type of content is being published (whether it’s a blog or pictures or a video).
  3. Why influencers and followers will be intrigued.

An average user likely follows thousands of other people. It is easy to get lost in the crowd if the content is not updated as often as the competition. It is one of the best social media marketing tips out there.

#5 Customer voice and feedback:

A company that can flaunt the positive voice of its customers has the most trusted followers. Millennials have become immune to paid advertisements. People want to see genuine reviews and product description, whether it made the customer happy, or not.

The other way to impress the online community is to respond to what they have to say in social media. Such engagement will bring more and more people as they will see that the brand values the customer.


#6 Building relationships:

The life of social media is people, people who go through their daily life like everyone else. One of the key social media marketing tips is to build a relationship with the end user.

Offering value, knowledge; inspiring communities to connect with the company with a common goal of achieving an objective will prove to be a very useful marketing strategy. Keeping in touch with the customer and offering them the solution is equally important.

#7 Buying services:

A staggering number of new and old businesses are looking at paid advertising via social media post to achieve the desired target. While social media marketing can be an organic play, but it is not only limited to that.

The industry average of spending on paid social media is about $200 to $350 every day. However, one crucial thing to remember is that all platforms have their strengths and weaknesses. An easy way to handle this is to hire a content writing agency, and they will take care of the platform-centric details on behalf of the business.

Social media started as a socializing platform and evolved into a powerful marketing tool. It plays a major role in connecting marketers with customers. With 2.80 billion global social media users in 2017 and a staggering 37% penetration, it has the potential to launch a company sky-high. These social media marketing tips will surely help to boost business.

Subhodip Das is a proficient copywriter who creates contents adhering to precise SEO standards. With years of experience under his belt, he looks to share his knowledge with his view to simplifying the secrets of effective copywriting techniques.