The 5 phases to conclude a successful sale

1. A special preparation to sensitize the prospect

This preparation can consist in sending a series of emails. It also consists of collecting all useful information from various sources: internet, competitors, customers in the same sector, etc.

The first step is to make sure what the prospect may need. You will have to make your offers in such a way that they appear to meet precisely its aspirations.Les sales are realized almost scientifically in their preparation even before the seller has seen the coveted customer: in-depth cost study and possible reduction with your product, benefits in terms of productivity, or any other element demonstrating its professionalism and service orientation …

2. The attention

If, thanks to a preliminary communication, you arrive at an appointment with your prospect, you have obviously caught his attention. You do him a favor by visiting him and you avoid finding an “excuse” to present him. If you go, to make your offer, to a person who does not expect you, the first point to always mark is to get his full and favorable attention.

The seller who has prepared himself in advance knows the problems facing his prospect. He gets his attention by asking him a question that touches a chord and you can promote your app on my web site. Promote apps its very easy for our days. A friendly tone invites confidences, and a confidence coming from a man you meet to make a client indicates that he has already gone to your camp … There are other ways to attract a buyer’s favorable attention. The distinction for example. Or some sensational statement that piques curiosity and immediately invites controversy. Some people may be affected by a bold statement that calls for contradiction.

3. Create desire

The attention of the prospect obtained, it is now, first of all, to make sure of his state of mind as to the interest that can present for him what you have to offer him. Chances are he does not know if he needs it or not. It is for you to confess, to draw indications on the situation of his business, on his conceptions of the moment, and on the utility for him to hold such or such product. It is then that you can begin to stimulate in him the desire.

Awaken the desire

The first point towards the decision to buy is the awakening of desire for a certain type of product. If you can get the future client to focus on those he owns, the difficulties he encounters, the opportunities available to him that he does not enjoy, you place him on a piece of land that is familiar. It is him that you put forward. Not you, nor your products. One has an extremely strong predilection to speak about oneself, from where a tendency to approach immediately the subject which brings us.

The first of the main principles is to stay first behind the scenes, and start by looking at the customer, his worries and hopes, his personal situation. This is the only way that you immediately get hold of him. It is simple and easy to put into action, if only you have enough control of yourself not to stray from it. When you have managed to put a man on his own ground, you can get everything you want without putting you forward. It’s about awakening and encouraging your desire to have products like yours. The general desire for something similar to what you offer is a first step towards agreement.

4. Develop interest in your products

When you feel that you have aroused the desire for items like yours, then, but only then, your prospect is ready to hear you. Express yourself in concise but forceful terms, so that he does not lose a single detail. While unfolding your explanations about your business, then about what your products are, you do not forget to mention, by the way, the most important customers who bought them. You also present testimonials as proof of the truth of what you are saying.

To close the sale, it is necessary to obtain the decision to buy. If the foregoing argument has been properly conducted, the conclusion of the case will be easy. However, it has a technique of its own.

First point

– The first point is to gradually bring about smaller decisions – first, to listen patiently until you have finished your presentation;
– then the decision that it would be really interesting to have something like this (in general);
– then the decision to test your products if it does not attach any risk;
– finally, the decision to acquire the product.

Second point

In order to avoid seeing the customer retract after obtaining a favorable decision, it is important to aim for the order quickly. Your buyer must feel the pressure of your will. You can, for example, make a direct invitation to sign a purchase order.

Third point

You should always hold the buyer on the defensive. But before all things, make sure that it does not corner you in a dead end. Knox, in his book “Effective Methods in Business”, demonstrates the usefulness of this recommendation:
“When can you give me a car like this?” Asks a customer. “Right now,” replies the seller. This response allows the client to recover, reflect, and declare that he will wait until the following week, since he has no particular reason to decide right away.

In a similar case, it is better to reply: “When do you want to have it?” Or, “When do you need it?” Which has the effect of keeping the buyer on the defensive and the commits to take a step further.

When a customer comes to question: “When can you give me that?”, You know he is about to give in if you maneuver him deftly. But beware, more than one seller loses the game here to be driven into a deadlock when it is he who should push his client. You must also keep in mind that the desire to have products like yours and the decision to buy them are two very different questions. The desire manifests itself first, but it is up to you to skillfully develop your argument to determine the decision to buy which must serve as a basis for the conclusion of the sale.

As soon as the customer asks himself: “Why buy now?”, He is already on the way to the decision to make in the direction of the purchase. It may be good even to discuss with the buyer his financial situation so that he can help him decide whether or not he can place an order. The personal help given to the solution of personal problems always counts for a big part in the obligations of the salesman.

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