Supercharging Tableau Performance on Big Data

Despite a well-planned data strategy, enterprises often get held up by the size and complexity of their data. With so much data at hand, it becomes challenging to differentiate between what’s important and what’s not. Most companies that we interact with are already facing BI challenges because of the exploding data volumes. Getting all the data in one place itself is a major challenge for large enterprises. And, once they move their data to the cloud or an on-premise platform, the next challenge is to make all of it available to business users within their BI environment.

Tableau on big data

Tableau is the world’s favorite BI tool that is used by several enterprises to transform their data into smart visualizations for easier consumption. However, one of the biggest problem that Tableau users face when they try to connect to huge amounts of data on the cloud or on-premise data lakes is that it takes a long time for the queries to return. As they drag and drop items on their dashboards, they do not get interactive response times.

And, that’s where Kyvos comes in.

Kyvos supercharges Tableau performance on big data by building a BI acceleration layer on the cloud and on-premise data lakes that enables instant access to data at a massive scale. It helps Tableau users to interact with petabyte-scale data and get the response right away.

What is a BI acceleration layer

The BI acceleration layer is a OLAP-based semantic layer built directly on the cloud or on-premise data lakes that speeds up data access at a massive scale. It bridges the gap between Tableau and modern data platforms, delivering instant insights on massive data.  

The core technology behind this layer is Kyvos’ next-generation OLAP technology that enables pre-aggregation on large datasets. Once the OLAP cubes are built, data is ready for Tableau consumption. Queries become light-weight and can be served instantly.

Since Kyvos leverages the cloud or an on-premise big data platform for pre-aggregation as well as querying, it can deliver high performance and scale limitlessly, irrespective of the size of the data. Though OLAP has been around for a long time, Kyvos takes advantage of the capabilities of the cloud and big data clusters to scale-out along with the data platform.

Another key advantage is that the BI acceleration layer is transparent to the end-users. They can use their Tableau interface for big data analytics and enjoy speed and interactivity like never before to access massive amounts of data.

The distributed architecture also solves concurrency issues. Additionally, the BI acceleration layer can also be used to store business logic, helping you create a consistent semantic model for thousands of users across the enterprise.

Save money, save time, and much more

By accelerating Tableau performance on massive data, Kyvos helps bring back time to business users. This increases productivity and enables enterprises to save money. However, it’s not just saving money but top-line benefits like spanning the business opportunities that bring in the real transformations.

One of our customers, a leading global investment bank, is doing risk analysis as they look for new investments. Earlier, it used to take them days to do risk analysis before they could make a decision. With Kyvos, they can do it in seconds. The solution helps them make quicker decisions and react to market conditions faster, opening the doors for many additional business opportunities and more revenue.


Having all corporate data in one place offers immense opportunities for a business, something that was not possible before the cloud and the big data revolution. However, allowing data to be consumed by business users quickly and naturally is still a challenge. The powerful combination of Tableau and Kyvos can help you handle any size data and make it available to business users across your enterprise.

Brahmajeet Desai is the Director of Marketing at Kyvos Insights, a leading BI acceleration platform. He has been working on Big Data technologies for over 11 years now. He’s an avid blogger, a technology enthusiast, and an experienced marketer who loves to solve business challenges through innovative technology.