Sun Innovations: 7 Essential Solar Powered Gadgets and Gizmos

Solar technology is all now in the rage, or maybe not yet, but it will materialize soon because of the increasing number of solar-powered gadgets out there. If you want to do some shopping, it’s not too hard to make a lot of environmentally-friendly electronic devices.

From chargers to keyboards and cars, here are some of today’s coolest solar-powered gizmos.

The Organic Transit ELF

Called “big white egg” by some, the ELF is one of the latest and weirdest gadgets out there. Mostly, a cross within a stripped-down of a bicycle and an electric car. This three-wheeled transportation features a 100-Watt solar board on its roof, a frame of aluminum alloy, headlights, brake lights, turn signals, tail lights, and gasoline which takes 1,800 miles per gallon.

Moreover, its electric speed will go about 20 miles per hour, and it can run for over 15 miles per charge, which can be accomplished either by plugging it in or placing its solar panels to operate. Besides, when its power becomes low, you can use its pedal to run.

Sleep Inside the Solar Tents

Truly, festival-goers will love this concept of such a kaleidoscope. Through the cooperation of the Glastonbury Festival and Orange Communication, the team created a new tent with a twist of being sustainable. In detail, covered solar threads are formed into the traditional fabric, removing the need for fixed solar modules.

Extra, its directional slides can be moved during the day to maximize energy collection and solar efficiency. Inside the tent, there is a wireless controller hub that powers phones and other portable gadgets as well as Wi-Fi.

Additional highlights include a heating system and the go-cation technology that allows campers send texts to activate a glowing effect, making the tent visible from a distance.

The Innovative Sun Table

Sure, this is not the most appealing table today, but the Sun Table is significantly useful, primarily because of its weather-resistant feature. The surface of this table is made up of modules that catch and store solar energy.

So the next time you’re going to sit out in the garden with your phone or laptop, you don’t have to bother about running out of power. All you need to do is raise the waterproof cap electrical outlet the Sun Table, and directly plug in your gadget.

Be a Chef with Solar Oven

In today’s generation, using sunlight for cooking is probably the most common use of solar technology, with some areas using solar ovens as their primary method of cooking. Preferably, you can choose from extensive models of a solar oven.

Additionally, these kinds of stoves are available in different sizes where you also can get models for your personal use or ones meant primarily for cooking in bulk. As an example, one of the world’s largest solar cooking practices established at a temple in India can prepare about 30,000 meals daily.

Behold the Solar Backpacks

Another innovation in solar technology is the solar knapsack. In fact, a few companies are making solar backpacks these days, including Eclipse and BirkSun.

Although they don’t have the most stylish accessories, they draw quite a substantial hit when it comes to latest technology. Besides, these inventions come with thin-film solar modules attached outside, which grant power in the range of about 4 Watts.

You can charge tablets, phones, cameras and more while just walking under the sun. Though they may look a little unfashionable, these packs will let you carry a lot of stuff.

Lock it with Array Smart Deadbolt

Apparently, “Internet of Things” becomes an essential part of our digital lives, and being renewable is one of its primary function.

Lately, Brinks proclaimed that it is starting the pre-orders for its latest Array Smart Deadbolt. The Array is a smart and heavy-duty lock which you can control through an app in your smartphone.

Unlike some of the first-generation smart locks, a proprietary lithium polymer battery runs the Array lock. This battery is attached to an onboard solar module, allowing sunlight to power the Array.


Further, remote locking and unlocking are accessible through an easy-to-use, intuitive application. On the other hand, the lock also comes with a touchpad for those people who aren’t comfortable in using their smartphones, as well as a traditional key.

Regard the Solar Powered Window Blinds

The SolarGaps created a series of innovative solar-powered window blinds that don’t only help you cut your energy bill but also benefit the environment.

SolarGaps blinds follow the sun automatically as it moves through the sky during the day and places their solar cells to maximize its angles for more efficient generation of solar energy.

Also, you can monitor its performance or alter the angle using the mobile application on your smartphone. Plus, these blinds can work without such supervision. You only have to pre-set the options and relax. Alternatively, you can decide to store your extra power for your later use.

Above all, this smart home device provides shade cooling and reducing air the costs of conditioning and at the same time generating solar energy.


From the past years, the industry of solar technology has been rising like never before. When you take a closer look, people are switching to solar devices more efficiently in these modern times.

When in fact, it’s becoming more comfortable to use them every day since most of these gadgets are not just dependent on solar energy. To know more about some of the latest solar innovations, you can visit GStore and other tech sites online.

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