Is Smart Technology is Revolutionizing Home Security

Keeping your home and family safe should always be a priority; however, there is only so much you can do through standard means. Any lock can be broken, making mistakes is only human and gun ownership is a controversial topic and the last resort, even in the best case scenario.

On the other hand, is there a way to make your home’s security ironclad, regardless of the circumstances? While 100 percent break-in-proof may be something we will never be able to reach, present-day smart technology might have a way of getting us much closer than anyone believed possible. Here are a couple of examples.

1. Remote access to your home security

The first thing that absolutely has to be mentioned here is the remote access to your home security system. In the introduction, we hinted at the issue of not being present at home to supervise its security as a major flaw but now, various apps allow you to access your surveillance system even while you are at work or on vacation.

In this way, you can respond to false alarms and notify the authorities if anything seems wrong. Otherwise, your surveillance system would only be used retroactively or while you’re at home, which is when you need it the least.

2.The rise of biometrics

The next major solution that comes from the present-day tech is the advancement in biometrics. You see, a code can slip out, get cracked or even get stolen but it is an entirely different thing with your iris scan or your fingerprint. On the other hand, some people are more than afraid of potential abuses of this system, which leads them to dread the very idea of biometrics.

Nonetheless, while it is a subject of numerous spy-themed movies, these types of scanners are still not widely used in households worldwide. This means that they are currently in a, more or less, prototype stage and that there is a very real possibility that some of these pressing security concerns will be fixed in the nearest future.

3. Security automation

Another massive problem with the overall security of your home is the amount of maintenance necessary. Checking all the cameras, all the locks, all the codes and handling the lights around the place is far from exhausting, yet, it is still a nuisance most people aren’t looking forward to.

Because of this, home automation provided by professional CBus installers can make a lot of these issues far simpler and more convenient. Apart from this, the prospect of forgetting your keys at home is quite real, while no one in 2018 could ever forget their phone.

4. Greater customization

Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of this trend lies in the fact that it gives much greater customization when it comes to your home’s security. Nowadays, you don’t need a security expert to set-up these preferences, seeing as how most of them can be now introduced through your phone. This goes from unique codes and types of codes (pattern recognition, pin code or the above-mentioned biometrics) to the alarm tone.

5. The Internet of Things

One of the most underestimated security advancements is the one considering the overall improvements in safety trends that come from the symbiosis of big data and the Internet of Things (IoT). While, from a perspective of a single homeowner, a successful break-in may seem like something catastrophic, when it comes to the bigger picture, every mistake is something to learn from. Needless to say, the massive amount of data that gets gathered from these interactions may be used for future improvements in the field of home security.

At the end of the day, it is important to note that none of the above-listed features are new in the tech world, nor in the world of household security. However, it is important to notice that, while in the past, these trends were employed by massive corporations, government institutions and the wealthiest of individuals, nowadays, they are much more widely accepted.

In other words, it won’t be long until we start seeing more and more automated security systems in households worldwide. This is the domino effect – the more people use it, the more sophisticated, efficient and reliable it will become.

My name is Raul, editor in chief at Technivorz blog. I have a lot to say about innovations in all aspects of digital technology and online marketing.