2018 Business Tech Trends

We live in the world of constant technological growth, and during the past few years, this rose to a whole new level. While the technology is really here to help us excel at what we do, not many people understand what it’s really about – boosting competitiveness in order to achieve progress. Therefore, technological innovations aren’t really about making things easy, but about staying afloat in the sea of competition.

A rock-solid entrepreneur not only ensures that their business is updated with the latest irreplaceable tech trends, but also that they keep track of constantly evolving business technology trends.

Big data

Big data

You might not be aware of it, you might not even have the slightest idea what it is, but the big data is all around you. And yep, you’ve probably used it, too! In fact, it is possible that you’re using it right now, as you’re reading this. If you’ve ever used the internet professionally (for Googling job-related stuff), you’ll probably be surprised to learn that you’ve already brushed up against the big data!

To clear things up, here’s what the big data entails: a total sum of every online tool (default, free, paid) that can help you find a particular piece of information. This has a wide variety of uses: from recruitment to market research!

Without a doubt, the most common use of business-related big data is for recruitment purposes. Employers used to rely on candidates’ CVs and cover letters in order to get the picture of what they might be like as professionals. The downside to this might be obvious: a list that entails education, previous work experience and someone’s alleged aspirations and qualities really means nothing – education is not a guarantee that the worker will be the perfect fit for a particular job, the previous work experience means nothing and aspirations and qualities are really easy to be taken out of context.

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So what does the big data do here: it’s simple! We are who we are – we will post stuff on our social media networks, and people will be able to get the general picture of our traits, qualities, aspirations and competence. Researching the candidates on social media networks can give you a ton of useful input. Of course, combining the big data with the traditional CVs, cover letters and the like goes without saying.



When you think about it, the modern world would really be unimaginable without smartphones, and not just in a sense where we’ve gotten used to everyone looking at their phone screens all the time; we’re talking about an opportunity to do almost anything from the palm of your hand. No matter if you’ve gotten lost in a new city, forgot to finish making a presentation, or need to do more research, a smartphone will have you covered!

Essentially, a smartphone is no longer just a cool weapon in the entrepreneur’s arsenal, but an integral part of their life! This is evident, especially taking into account the fact that more than half of global Google searches in 2015 were done through mobile devices.



When we mentioned smartphones, we only brushed up against the reason behind their popularity. So, what’s the real answer: predominantly, they’re popular due to apps! Of course, without a smartphone (or a tablet), an app as an idea wouldn’t really pay off. On the other hand, however, without apps, smartphones would be just phones!

So, what do apps have to do with business technology trends? Well, while having a website was considered an excellent move two decades ago, having your personal business app has taken a website’s place (naturally, having a website still goes without saying).


Seeing as how technology is in the constant state of expansion, it is clear that things are constantly changing. This means that the security measures have to keep up – as tech trends are booming, so are the opportunities for breaches. Stopping cybercrime has become a hugely important factor in the modern business world.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that the physical threats are gone, nor does it mean that they are any less likely to happen, which is why physical safety still remains a huge concern. Using technological innovations such as HID card readers and other strict security measures from JD Security such as access control software keeps threats at bay and makes a security professional’s life significantly easier and safer.

Home-based office

Thanks to technology, nowadays, we are able to work from home. Although this doesn’t necessarily make anyone’s job easier, it can be a powerful ace up the sleeve.



This is perhaps the most important aspect of the entirety of the current business technology trends. The biggest difference between the modern world and the one we were familiar with no more than two decades ago is connectivity. Everything is connected! Smartphones, PCs, video beams, lighting; it’s all accessible cross-device.


The mentioned tech trends are definitely looking to not only stay, but grow in the current year. 2018 is going to be huge when it comes to the big data, apps and smartphones, security trends and connectivity in general!

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