SEO Backlinks Strategy: How To Get Quality Backlinks in 2018!

In SEO practices, the backlink strategy is an important practice that all SEO companies Australia must consider to gain the expected benefits or SEO outcomes for their customers. Though the struggle of getting quality backlinks is quite high when the site is new or you try to enhance website ranking on a search engine like Google.

The information available in this article will present a strong SEO backlinks strategy on how to get quality backlinks. Following this strategy, you can gain almost all the benefits associated with high-quality backlinks in this year.

2018 Backlinks Strategy In SEO | Tips To Get Quality Backlinks –

Tip 1 Taking Benefit of Business Listing

Whether you run any local business or trying to promote the business site in a certain area, start online promotions with business listings. For this purpose, look for various business directories on the web and then, list business over these directories.

It will send the search engine an indication about your company to be actively working in that location and push your site to higher search ranking. For instance, if you run a restaurant in Melbourne and have also created a listing for your restaurant business, then Google will bring you ahead when someone makes a search for restaurants in Melbourne.

Tip 2 Benefits of Posting in Forums

It is another proven, easy and trust method to create quality backlinks for your website in 2018. In forums, you can go with discussion groups, message boards, discussion forums, bulletin boards, discussion boards etc. On the internet, you can find forums for your particular industry.

Participating in these forums, you can make strong and impactful connections with other registered members. Just remember that these forums are evaluated by moderators. So, if they find you spamming, they can ban you for this.

  • To avoid getting banned from any forum, the best practice is to contribute in the forum with something valuable stuff and then, add your website link afterwards.
  • To earn good backlinks, you should post related answers to the questions asked by other group members and this way, you help others in the community.

Tip 3 Taking Help of PR Sites

The use of PR sites or press releases can prove to be another dynamic way to earn great backlinks for your site. As press release websites supply quality content to many small sites, it can be a great source of backlinks for every website.

By getting backlinks from these sites, your website will easily be chosen by leading news sites that means great exposure and great backlinks. For having the greatest benefits from PR sites, ensure you use an attractive and newsworthy title.

It grows interest in people towards your published press release. In addition, you should also include your website link within the content of the press release as it will not let people dump your information without any credit.

Tip 4 Use Guest Posting

It is another proven way to gain quality backlinks and drive more web traffic to a site. The blog owners request to write some content for other blogs of similar niche as the guest bloggers.

In return, they get a link to their site or blog and this return favour is a chance to encourage your blog and name in the chosen segment. Though this method is a bit exhausting as here you should put in similar quality of work as you put while writing the whole content which is meant for your blog or site.

But, it is also a fact that if this step is done rightly, you can enjoy the outstanding outcomes. It definitely demands for quality resource and time, yet guest posting has turned out to be an imperative aspect of a strong content marketing program. Coupling it with the website SEO will grow its efficiency exponentially.

Tip 5 Social Bookmarking Sites

It is another proven way to get high-quality backlinks to your site. In social bookmarking, a website owner prepares a bookmark for his or her whole site. It is a way to create a bookmark that benefits not just to you, but to the entire community and thus, results in earning great backlinks.

Tip 6 Websites For PPT & PDF Submission

To get good backlinks for a website, the webmasters choose this way as well. In this way, they submit presentation or articles to websites that share presentations or documents to other users. In this submission, one needs to compile all posts as PDF files and then, upload it over file-sharing platforms. Slideshare, Scribd, Box, and Calameo are few prominent file sharing websites available on the web.

Tip 7 Posting Comments

A lot of people are unsure about the effectiveness of blog commenting in building quality backlinks and it is a reason, they find it difficult to decide if they should go with this method or not. In case, you are also a part of this race, you should know that commenting on various discussion can make a huge difference from the SEO perspective.

Though it is mandatory to ensure that you do not look spread any spam message or do not make irrelevant comments just to get links. By writing relevant and valuable comments about a certain topic will make a sense in getting quality backlinks from this method.

In addition, you should also learn that NoFollow comments are not worthless in backlink building process; hence, always try to maintain a ratio of 3:2  (3 do-follow and 2 no-follow) when its a matter of do-follow and no-follow links.

Final Words

At last, we can clearly say that getting backlink depends on your genuine approach towards white-hat SEO techniques which include quality content, interactive messages, and prompt engagement on various channels as mentioned earlier in the post. In addition, focusing on a single approach will also not fulfil your target to achieve desired backlinks from various reliable networks, but you should follow all possible methods to gain the maximum benefits.

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