Reset Your Netgear Router to Default Settings Like a Pro

Have you completed your Netgear router setup properly? If yes, you can use it to access the internet everywhere you want in the home or office. But after some time, the router starts malfunctioning and causes your internet connection to lost or drop occasionally. Besides, you can also experience other issues with your router like unexpected shutdown, improper coverage, etc.

So what to do now?

Before throwing your older router into a bin, try resetting it first. No need to buy a new router. Just reset your device to restore the default factory settings and make it run like a new.

Without any doubt, you can fix improper range and coverage issues by performing Netgear extender setup. But for other router problems, resetting is the only solution.

Essential Note: A Netgear extender can be set up using web address.

Unfamiliar with the reset process? Well, no need to worry in any way.

Here, we have come up with detailed instructions for those folks who actually want to give a factory reset to their Netgear wireless router. Simply read out the full tutorial and reset your device like a pro.

Issues You may Experience with Netgear Router

Have you spent your much time in troubleshooting the issues? Isn’t it hard to understand the technical terms and repair the router? Well, we exactly comprehend these issues. That’s why we have presented a helpful guide in front of you to reset your Netgear WiFi router.

This can be done by various different ways. But in this post, we have listed the most tested methods for restoring the default factory settings on your router.

Wait! Here’s the thing.

Before going further, you have to remember a few things mentioned below.

ONE: Note Down the Access Network Names and Passwords

For router login, you are using a user ID and password. Let us remind you that these credentials will be changed to their default values once you reset the router. So make sure to note it down either on a paper or in a digital mode.

Utilize the same network name and passwords as soon as you set it up again. There are various models of Netgear router which allows you to back up a configuration file, incorporating usernames, passwords and network names.

In case you come across any type of error while backing up your data, opt for immediate Netgear support.

TWO: Change the Default Admin Username and Password

Do not ever leave these details untouched. There is a list containing the default credentials of every router. And someone who knows your router’s manufacturer can easily find out these details and make setting changes without your knowledge.

Therefore, it is essential to change the default admin username and password for straight away after you reset the router.

THREE: Update the Netgear Firmware Version

The routers whose firmware is not updated are absolutely a matter of thinking. To safeguard your router from unauthorized access, update Netgear firmware version on it to the latest one.

You can do so either before or after the factory reset process. For this purpose, you can use the default IP address of your device. Most of the Netgear routers have as the default IP address.

The moment you are done with the aforementioned three things, you are all set to reset your Netgear WiFi router to the default setting values.

Consider the following steps to do so in a proper and easy way:

  • Plug in your router to an electrical outlet.
  • The electrical outlet must be nearby the router so that it can easily be plugged in.
  • In case the outlet is far away, use a cable to plug it in.
  • Bear in mind that the device must receive a constant power supply.
  • Find out the reset button on it.
  • Once found, press it gently.
  • Login to your Netgear smart genie setup
  • Change the settings as per your convenience.

And that’s it! How easy was to reset the Netgear wireless router, wasn’t it? But if you have any queries regarding the same, get in touch with our knowledgeable technicians via a phone call on toll-free number 1-888-829-5515.

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