Project Outsourcing in India – Way towards Business Growth

“Project outsourcing” means assigning the task to an external third party. This is one of the cost-effective methods used for several tasks in fields such as:

  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Customer Services
  • Human Resource(HR)
  • Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO)
  • Research & Development etc.

Among these, Information technology (IT), KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing) and BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) are the three major fields where customers can mainly benefit from Project Outsourcing.

Here, in this blog; we will highlight how Project Outsourcing in India is beneficial to IT sectors?

The Topic:

Business owners can easily outsource several IT services such as Mobile Application Development, Software Development, Website designing and development, Digital Marketing, SEO Services etc. and much more.

Information Technology is a vast field. Hence, it is difficult to list all areas here. In order to assign the above tasks, you need to be in touch with any reputed Project Outsourcing company in India that has a success ratio in delivering projects on time along with the desired quality.

Our IT –experts assist clients in solving their problems by providing them end to end solutions. Some of the examples of how our clients have benefitted from our solutions are as follows:

Examples of Our Satisfied Clients:

1. Technology Java & Angular JS:

A major newspaper publisher in Boston was experiencing severe difficulties acquiring specialized technology skills. The costs were escalating and projects were getting delayed.

Providing a flexible capacity technology team to develop a strategic component of the publisher’s technology giving them a major advantage in the marketplace. This helped the client save around USD 1 million a year in the commission amount that client was paying to their agentFurthermore, C-Metric’s customer saved more than 55% of the development cost.

2. Technology Solution Java, 3rd party API Integration, Cisco VOIP:


We have helped an eye care service provider in Florida to enable their agents to see patient information on receiving the call and helping them setup an appointment with the nearest eye specialist doctor as per the requirement/plan.  We helped the client to optimize their appointment booking process, resulting in an increase of efficiency by more than 50%. [Java, 3rd party API Integration, Cisco VOIP].

3. Technology Solution SharePoint 2016, SAP Web services:

We developed multiple workflows within a SharePoint based HR solution and integrated the same with SAP for one of our clients in the Middle-East region and having more than 2000 employees.  The application received information like employee data, organization structure and payroll/leave from SAP and the same being processed within the SharePoint based solution.  Thus we helped our client save more than a quarter million dollars by avoiding the cost of additional SAP licenses, customization, and additional infrastructure.

These examples highlight our skills in the field. Based on our 22 years of experience, we can say that Project Outsourcing definitely leads to business growth in following ways:

Benefits of Project Outsourcing: 

  1. Core Activities at the Centre: When any business outsources its major tasks, the management can easily focus on their core operations and business growth. Outsourcing the tasks can make it easy to refocus on important business activities without affecting the quality.
  2. Cost Effective: You can definitely get those tasks done from your in-house team, however, outsourcing the tasks will save you cost and time and you can invest the same in handling those complicated core business functions.
  3. Moderate Expenses: Some back-office tasks are expensive to be performed. This can be due to expensive location or insufficient space for growth. Outsourcing can reduce the need for office space saving you from huge expenses and helping you to utilize your space for other important business tasks.
  4. Develop Internal Staff: Some projects may require skills that your employees may not possess. With outsourcing, you can get those skilled employees and current staff can also work to achieve those skills.

These are a few benefits we have listed, the list the endless but that’s it for now.

Final Note:

Project Outsourcing for software development makes it easy for you to delegate the tasks to the relevant people thus removing a burden from your in-house staff and concentrating fully on other business matters. It is a comparatively more cost-effective way of getting tasks done rather than hiring new employees.

Milan Gajjar is Advanced Google Analytics certified professional and search engine optimization expert. He is presently working at as a SEO Executive providing resourceful content throughout the web.