7 Ways to Incorporate Social Media into Your Coming Trade Show

Is your company participating in an upcoming trade show? If so, this article has tips for exploiting your event marketing using social media. Event marketing without social media has fewer chances of being successful.

In today’s digital world, if your firm is not incorporating social media marketing into its trade show exhibition, then you are losing opportunities to your competitors. Social media is crucial when it comes to event marketing as it helps businesses to engage and promote their presence at a trade show to prospects and visitors. Below are incredible ways which you can utilize social media prior, during and after any event marketing or trade show exhibition you are set to attend.


#1 Make maximum use of hashtags

Before the event marketing, find out the event’s hashtag that you can utilize on your social media platforms.You can achieve this by using the show’s Twitter hashtag. Twitter is the surefire channel since it provides an opportunity for businesses to connect with potential clients and visitors who are in attendance. Every time you tweet, ensure you incorporate the show’s Twitter hashtag and don’t forget to let people know how they can locate you when at the event.

You can as well include your stand number and location.Additionally, ensure potential clients and visitors are aware of any specific offers that you may provide and this is important. It is common to find many trade show and events coming up with hashtags before an event these days. Ensure you get a strong connection with the people who are utilizing that ‘#’ tag in their tweets.

#2 Company hashtag

Today, if you are a business owner whether small or large and you don’t know how to create hashtag you are left behind time. Ensure you create a hashtag that is specific to your business or company. Hashtags are sure ways to get prominence leading up to the show in combination with the trade show event ‘#’ tag.

#3 Invite specific contacts

If you have any niche specific people or companies that you desire to connect with or you feel they would benefit from appearing on the show, True Custom Displays recommends that you ensure you connect with such people or businesses. You can send them a message of invitation via Twitter or LinkedIn requesting them to visit your booth so that you can supply them a demo of your launched product. Ensure you give them something they can tell more about it.


#1 Take photos

In today’s digital business era, visuals are a powerful tool. During the event, you need to ensure you make maximum use of Instagram or SnapChat as it is the most widely used visual platform. However, Twitter comes in handy when it comes to the posting of your snapshots. Photos will help those who did not attend the event to get a clear image of what it was all about thus making them feel like they were present during the event. Share every occasion that you will participate in including seminars and talks.

#2 Plan your content

At this period, you will have no time to update your social media channels, that’s why it is advisable to schedule your content. The best solution is to seek the services of a social media agency who can aid your even team in integratingalready planned tweets and tweeting on your company platforms the whole day.


#1 Connect with potential clients on social media

There are possibilities that during the show, you collected several business contacts. At this stage, you need to get their names and search them on social media. Connect and link with them on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and don’t forget to send a message toshow them you were glad to interact with them during the show. Find out whether your products have been mentioned in reference to the event, if you find any, ensure you like/share or comment so that your brand can keep growing online.

#2 Craft a blog post about the event

Does your business have a blog? If so, create a blog post that speaks about your experience during the show. You can incorporate pictures you took during the event with your customers and write a thank message below the pictures. Here you need to acknowledge their presence at your booth during the event.

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