Picking a good android phone under INR 10k

If you are looking for a good smartphone at a price that won’t shock you, this is a great time to be shopping for a good android phone.  We don’t need to get into why an android phone will always be a better idea if you are looking to get a deal, as the only other worthwhile option, the Apple iPhone remains forbiddingly expensive for the features it delivers.

In fact, a good android phone is possibly delivering almost all the features of a flagship iPhone of 24-36 months back, at a quarter or less of the price. Not only are there many options to pick from, but there are enough good android phones available across price points, from as low as 6,000 and above.

And these are no longer budget phones or phones missing key features. The good android phone today will provide you solid features at a great price under Rs 10K even. Find that incredible? Read on.

Just consider Comio, a new brand launched some time back which has made a very strong start. The firm launched with three phones in a price range of 6,000 to Rs 9,000. The C1, C2, and S1 (top end ) models not only bring you some remarkable features at the price but also throw in some great service features, making them a   solid bet for anyone looking for good android phones.

All three models sport a MediaTek processor and storage starting at 16 GB and a metal frame body. These were typical features found only on higher-end models earlier. Be it the processor, the RAM, or even the camera and battery, a good android phone today can be expected to deliver to you a combination that would have been seen only on a phone above Rs 15,000 till even a year back possibly.

One of the reasons why a good android phone must have these service features is also because a good android phone is expected to last with its use for anything between 12 months to 36 months.  So features like an extended warranty, buyback value, a 30-day replacement warranty and warranty on screen repair, as Comio offers, is really a must for a good android phone on the market today.

If a seller can’t match all or most of these, then you have a good reason to question whether you are really getting a good android phone that is giving real value. Ensuring the right pick will also ensure that a good android phone retains value for a longer period since upgrades are a fact of life with mobile phones.

You don’t want to be stuck in a situation where each upgrade means shelling out the full price of the next smartphone you are buying. Buying a really good android phone will ensure that you get some reasonable cashback, making upgrades that much easier.

A solid manufacturer would also have a set up in India for assembly or manufacturing, to ensure ready availability of spares and quick replacement where necessary.  And then there are the data deals. Increasingly, the good android phone deals are coming with a data sweetener, in the form of a free data deal with one of the major operators, making your 4G experience even better.

Comio, for instance, has a deal with Jio where a user gets 4GB of extra data every month for the first 4 months if he is a Jio customer.  So there you are, you know what is possible today. Make sure to pick wisely.

Kash Pals is a founder and content manager at bestplacesofinterest.com. She writes articles for different categories such as food, travel, lifestyle, business, technology, etc.