Php vs Node.js vs Python Which Is The Best Server Side Backend Language

Whenever we talk about web development then no one can say that it has boundaries. This is an ever-changing field. It faces new technology changes, developer tools and development frameworks regularly, due to this developers are also facing big challenges. Sometimes, it makes them confused about choosing the best, long term and matured solution to meet the client’s needs.

While going with backend web development developers face the big challenge to settle down on the development technology for their project. PHP vs Node.js is a big fight and it when we include python in this competition then the selection becomes more typical. Previously, JavaScript was used to build front-end apps whereas PHP was used for creating server-side apps. Developers used both for creating amazing apps and websites.

In this writing, we are going to describe the difference between Php, Node.js and python. Let’s start the journey:

What is PHP?

PHP is abbreviated as Hypertext Preprocessor. The P in the term PHP is the whole thing in itself as it is known as the preprocessor because before sending the codes to the browser PHP codes are processed.

It is a server-side scripting language and similar to C, that assists you to develop an interactive website easily. Scripting languages are more fruitful for developing websites as compared to other programming languages.

It enables developers to build dynamic websites quickly. Before PHP the internet arena was stuck with the slow technology known as CGI (Common Gateway Interface). Programming languages like C, PHP needs an advanced array of features and tools already built into the language.

Features of PHP:

  • PHP is very much objected oriented.
  • It was basically intended for developing web pages.
  • PHP contains the features of both programming and scripting language, so it offers the benefits of both the languages to its users and allow them to do different things with it.
  • It is a free and open-source which tends that developer can download it from varied number of downloading websites with the necessary permit or license.
  • It provides more freedom to a web development and alternatives with the required details.
  • You will not require paying renewal charges after downloading any PHP app.
  • Apps built with PHP are stable, fast and contain cross-platform compatibility. It offers compatibility with kinds operating systems and servers.
  • It is very easy to learn PHP development techniques.
  • With PHP no compilation is required.

What is Python?

Python was developed by Guido Van Rossum in 1991. It is an interpreted and high-level programming language. It is used in system scripting, software development and web development. Python is the first choice to numerous programmers and data scientists as it provides multiple features such as easy coding, run on interpreter system and cross-platform power.

Additionally, there are lots of users of Python such as handling big data, connecting to the database systems, building web applications and do complex mathematical functions. With its lots of functional benefits, it is preferred by lots of programmers across the globe. It is also an excellent choice for those planning to start programming. Python is designed in a manner that it can easily manage garbage collection and memory addresses. It supports GUI apps.

Features of Python:

  • Maintaining and learning Python is easy.
  • It provides interactive debugging sessions and testing.
  • It enables integration with C, C++ and Java programming languages.
  • Python is equipped with automatic garbage collection feature.
  • As Python is a portable language so it can be run on multiple platforms utilizing the same interface.
  • It supports dynamic type checking and contains high-level dynamic data types.
  • It offers an ideal structure and full support for lengthy codes.
  • It is database friendly and provides suitable database interface to all big commercial database systems.
  • Syntax in Python can be understood easily and easy to debug as well as its source code is easy to manage.
  • It has lots of in-built libraries that are helpful for your development task.

What is Node.js?

Node.js is based on JavaScript. It is a cross-platform open-source programming language. Since its inception in the market, lots of businesses are getting limitless benefits by shifting to Node.js. A JS runtime environment is offered with JS to build new web apps and tools.

All the new projects in the market of the web are related to node technology. LinkedIn, Walmart and many other big brands have chosen Node.js and they have successfully increased their customer database and customer experience.

Features of node.js:

  • Node.js supports multithreading.
  • Built-in server support
  • Module caching
  • It improves the code reusability and makes the development faster and easier.
  • Due to stream module it is simple to work with huge files.
  • It has identical syntax to JS.
  • Node.js is easy to learn and pick-up for developers.

So which is the best programming language Php vs Node.js vs Python?


Finally, now are aware of about PHP, Node and Python and their associated features. All 3 have their functional features and capabilities. So, if you are an experienced programmer then you can go with PHP and if you want to learn new web development then Node.js is technology, whereas Python is recommended for those who are new to the programming. Moreover, as a novice developer, you can choose the best language as per the project requirements and client’s preference as well.

Nikunj Shingala is a Co-founder of Webs Optimization Software Solution Company, a leading Web & Mobile Application Development Company specialized in Hybrid, Native, iOS and Android App Development.