New Technology of 3D Printing in 123 HP Printer

3D Printing in HP Printer

A technology is only as good as the person who puts it good use. Similarly, the technology of 3D printing, is relatively new for the domestic users. The technology of 3D printing, is where materials are joined or rapidly solidified to create 3 dimensional objects.

In industrial purposes, 3 dimensional printers are put to use to make rapid prototypes or Additive Manufacturing, two very different uses.

Rapid prototyping is where people build one of each model, or additive manufacturing is used for mass production. This technology is accessible for all users, and the machine will be as good as how they put it to use!




Hewlett Packard Inc., has recently announced one of its most innovative gadgets, and has proven that it is a pioneer that drives innovation. One of its key selling points is that, it can print parts 10 times faster, and does so in half the cost as a traditional 3D printer!

The company also believes that the device can be put to great use, in sectors like automotive, aerospace, defence, consumer goods, healthcare, apparel and fashion and construction in both rapid prototyping and in additive manufacturing! These sectors will be greatly benefitted by HPs announcement!

Though the traditional printers that promise 3D technology have already been put to use for rapid prototyping, 123HPs model promises, with the cost effectiveness and agility, an avenue to mass produce parts. This is because of the off the books technology that the printers use, to 3D print.

The printer, first deposits power on to the material, for about 100 micros thickness. This deposit is done by spraying it on the printing bed by a printer bar, one similar to that of 2D printer bars. The difference is that, this bar contains 30000 nozzles, and is capable of 350 million drops per second! No wonder the device is fast, for casting has been made easier with it.

Another cost cutting strategy is to reuse the left-over powder, to be able to print the next piece. These printing material, are sold separately, by HP, in 30 liter cans or in 200 Liter barrels. As with all the other 123hpcom Printers, HP encourages, or in this case even insists that we use genuine 123HP parts and material for refill. Now counterfeit produced from a third party is as safe for a HP printer, like HP itself!

The material is made of thermoplastic, a material that highly moldable, and is also very strong! Apart from thermoplastic, the printer uses ceramic too, and you can ask for the 123HP officials for any other material that can be used for 3D printing!

The HP Jet Fusion

The HP Jet Fusion line of printers the actual 3D printing models of HP have two variants. Variant one, or the HP Jet Fusion 3200, costs around 130000 dollars and the next variant, the 123HP Jet Fusion 4200 series is priced at 200000 dollars. These devices are on par with the traditional 3D printers in their price range, and one might easily question how is it reducing any cost at all. But the technology used in this gadget as opposed to the traditional ones, will help reduce cost to a great extent.

The claim that these devices are 10 times faster, also means that there will be ten parts produced in a time frame of traditional devices producing one part, and that will cut the fixed cost by ten times!

This reduced timing is also effective with respect to the cooling process. For instance, if the traditional 3D printer takes 50 hours to mold a product, it will take another 50 hours to cool down. But in case of HP Jet, the time is reduced tenfold, if the claims are true. Which means, 5 hours to cast, and another 5 hours to cool it down, and the mold will be ready by just 10 hours! How convenient is that!

With traditional prototyping, the time taken is even lesser than 10 hours, when designed by tools. But the cost is exponentially higher, and is likely to be more than 50 times, to create a prototype. With the whole technology of 3D printing the cost is less, and with HP’s 3D printer, the cost is lesser.

The whole of this technology can be used to increase the manufacturing efficiency of the firms!

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