Net Core 2.0 Support Added To AWS Lambda

AWS is Amazon Web Services; a security services platform that helps businesses to scale and grow. Around the world, the AWS cloud spans 55 availability zones within 18 geographic regions and 1 local region. AWS announced its plans for 12 more availability zones and 4 more regions in Bahrain, Hong Kong SAR, and Sweden. It offers its services to the businesses in the form of web services and is now commonly known as cloud computing. The AWS provides the flexibility to launch your application. The Lambda service of AWS now supports dotNET Core 2.1. There are many benefits of cloud computing, one of its benefits is that it has the ability to replace the up-front capital infrastructure with low variable costs.

We are excited about the .NET Core 2.1 which is recently released. We are sure many of our AWS .NET developers are also ambitious to get started with .Net Core 2.1. The .NET team has published new images for .NET Core 2.1. You can use these images in any AWS container. You can use these images by using “SDK” in the tag name. These images contain all the necessary tools to build you .NET Core application.

By using the .NET Core 2.1 runtime, now you can develop your own AWS Lambda function code in C# which will soon be the Long Term Support (LTS) version of .NET Core. You can use any of the new features of runtime. New runtime features are like HTTP client implementation and types of representing the regions of arbitrary memory. The programming Model of Lambda of 2.1 is fully congruent with 2.0.

To manually create a C# Lambda function, then specify the parameter of Lambda runtime as .NET Core 2.1 and then upload the ZIP file of all the dependencies along with your all published DLL assemblies through the console named as AWS Lambda console or through AWS CLI. To manage and to deploy the serverless applications which are authored in C#, you can use the AWS Server less Application Model (SAM).

If you have already C# functions which are running on 2.0 then you can simply switch them to the new runtime by easily updating your .NET project’s target framework to netcoreapp2.1 and then re-deploy these functions with the new dotnetcore2.1 runtime. Wherever the Lambda is available, the .NET core 2.1 runtime is available in all that regions. You can now take more advantage of this version.

Microsoft will end its support for .NET Core 2.0 in the starting of October 2018. Microsoft will continue .NET 2.1 support for the next three years. After three months you will not be able to create AWS Lambda functions using .NET Core 2.0. You will be able to update the existing functions but after six months of updating the existing function will also be disabled.

To start working with .NET Core 2.1 in AWS Lambda, you will need to use the latest version of our tools. You can execute your .NET Core on Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS). When you build the image for your Amazon ECS then choose the image with ‘runtime’ in the tag name so that you can create small container images. If you are moving an ASP .NET Core application then choose an image which has “aspnetcore-runtime” in the tag name. These runtime images help you to improve start-up time.

The great strengths of the Asp.Net Core developer India are that it has the ability to publish as a self- contained the application. To turn on the mode of self- contained publish for an ASP .NET Core project, you have to edit your .csproj file and have to add a property that will set the Runtime Identifier to win-x64. Setting Runtime Identifier to win-x64 tells the .NET to publish command, which the toolkit of AWS uses that toolkit is AWS toolkit for Visual Studios, to include the 64- bit windows.Net Core runtime.

  1. In US East there are 6 AWS available in N. Virginia and 3 in Ohio.
  2. In US West there are 3 AWS available in N. California and 3 in Oregon.
  3. In the Asia Pacific, there are 2 Aws available in Mumbai, 2 in Seoul, 3 in Singapore, 3 in Sydney, 4 in Tokyo and 1 in Osaka-Local.
  4. In Canada, there are 2 AWS available in Central.
  5. In China, there are 2 AWS available in Beijing and 3 in Ningxia.
  6. In Europe, there are 3 AWS available in Frankfurt, 3 in Ireland, 3 in London and 3 in Paris.
  7. In South America, there are 3 AWS available in Sao Paulo.

These AWS are available already and some new AWS is also coming soon. The AWS services are spreading in more places and getting success more as the year passing and new technologies are coming. They are getting updates from time to time.

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