Monitoring applications can help prevent the Kidnapping of mentally handicapped kids

Kids whether handicapped or not are still merely kids that need protection till they are old enough to fend for themselves. Parents and guardians are always on the lookout for any discrepancies that may put their kids’ lives in danger. In the case of handicapped kids, parents have to remain extra vigilant as these kids are much more vulnerable and can be easily lured into different traps. A recent kidnapping case of a young mentally challenged girl in USA has led many people to wonder how they can double the vigilance without doubling the physical efforts to watch these kids. The answer is simple; install monitoring applications and allow your kids some semblance of independence. Here’s how mentally challenged kids can be monitored through spying applications like TheOneSpy app.

Tracking their location

Mobile Phone Tracking App
Mobile Phone Tracking App

Monitoring applications can be installed on anything that runs on a system like android or iOS. Therefore, depending on the kid’s mental handicap, parents can issue kids gadgets that they can use or even if they don’t use can have on them all the time. These gadgets can include watches, tablets, smart phones etc. The tracking location feature helps parents know when and where their kids are at all times. With this feature parents can locate their wandering kids through a number of ways:

  1. Monitoring applications allow tracking of location to the exact GPS This way you can easily have their location locked in any time.
  2. The online cloud storage provided by your monitoring application like TheOneSpy app stores all location coordinates for you to access whenever you feel like at your own time.
  3. You can install geo tracking which means you feed the application pre set coordinates and if the kid breaches any of these coordinates, you will immediately get a notification.
  4. You can also feed the spying application prohibited location entry coordinates which means you will get a notification immediately if the kid enters a no entry zone.

Bugging their phones

The monitoring application allows you to bug your kids’ phone in case anything happens and your kid gets abducted, you will be able to zero in on the location with the bugging feature of the monitoring application. This feature allows parents access into multiple areas such as:

  1. Recording surrounding sounds that can be handed over to the authorities at the right time.
  2. Mic bugging and listening to surrounding sounds live and happening at the time. You can access that the kids are not in harm’s way and understand that the kids are not being dealt with inhumanly.
  3. Bugging the camera which means you can also check the surrounding environment and even record them if necessary.

This feature is extremely beneficial if the kid gets lost or is kidnapped. This is especially because you can hand over the data collected to the authorities in case of any chance their might be foul play involved. Moreover, you can also have some peace of mind knowing you can check on your kids surroundings when you leave them in someone else’s care. Such kids are vulnerable and can easily be taken advantage of, so with babysitters and care givers one needs to be extra vigilant.

Checking applications being used

Depending on the kid’s handicap, parents occasionally allow children to use different kinds of application on gadgets like tablets etc. For example, autistic children are occasionally taught through visual aids which are regularly found in different applications. However, these applications may come with unwanted pop up boxes or advertisements that can lead the kid to different avenues which he or she should not be opening and in true retrospect will have no idea about either. To protect children from ever getting into such a situation, parents can do a number of things such as:

  1. Remotely access the gadget and check the application and its usage. In the same manner, these parents can also delete and add applications that would be helpful or not.
  2. Parents can add filters which can be in the form of words of even complete phrases that will block any unwanted pop ups and advertisements from opening up,.


Mentally handicapped kids are the most vulnerable ones and need excessive vigilance and protection. Parents are occasionally found over whelmed with the amount of work and time that these kids demand. However with the help of monitoring applications, parents can now take out some valuable time for them as well rather than spending every waking hour taking care of their mentally challenged kids.

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