Minimize Your Time to Hire and Maximize Your Offer Acceptance Rate

Is your old school hiring process eating up a lot of your time? Let’s take a look at some smart moves that can solve your problem in no time.

When Have You Last Updated Your Career Page?

Make your career page more informative and interactive. Have a chatbot installed so that it can help candidates understand your company and your requirements better. This will definitely save a lot of your calling time. Candidates will also have a better idea of whether they want to proceed further.

A lot of time gets wasted if the candidate backs off somewhere in the middle of the process or even worse, after accepting the offer. Therefore, it’s very important that candidates get proper knowledge of your company and the position well ahead of time. And your career page is the ultimate source of this information.

Cut Down on Candidate Sourcing Time

  • First, consider if any existing employees can fill the position.
  • Have an employee referral system in place. This is the most effective way to find candidates.
  • Maintain a talent database throughout the year so that anytime you need someone urgently you can access relevant profiles.
  • Use social media to attract good talent. Candidates hired from LinkedIn are less likely to leave a company within 6 months.

Let Your Candidates Serve Themselves

You can also use platforms like Candidate Rewards and give candidates their own portal. You can even let them model their own pay and benefits. This will not only make them happy but also cut down your time to hire.

This will help you provide candidates with a holistic hiring experience like never before.

Stay Organized Throughout the Process

An organization can definitely save a lot of your time. Advanced technology like artificial intelligence can help you streamline the whole process. It can also help with candidate sourcing and limits human intervention so that you can have an error-free, bias-free hiring process.

You can find more of proven strategies in the infographic below.

Minimize Your Time to Hire with These Awesome Strategies

Image courtesy: CandidateRewards


Ray O’Donnell is the Founder and CEO of TotalRewards Software, Inc. and Candidate Rewards. He has been helping companies to find, retain, and engage top talent by bridging the gap between the two.