Have you mastered the art of driving website leads?

Let’s start with defining website leads vis-à-vis website traffic. Unlike the popular belief, website leads are not the traffic it receives but it’s the conversion of that traffic into probable customers. Leads are typically your prospective customers and on a website that means the one who will make the purchase on your website or offline. SEO engines will help you to get high visitors but to get the visitors to be your customers is an art in itself.

Let’s look at some of the critical points below that will help you create great leads:

Impressive landing pages

Landing pages make the first impression of your business and the website. As they say it, the first impression is the last impression. If the visitors are not compelled to check out your website or products by the landing page then you will lose out on a potential customer. An impressive landing page, has crystal clear headline, compelling call to action, and benefit statements with a dash of confidence.

Catchy and quirky headlines will hold the visitor’s attention, and he/she’ll be automatically induced to surf through the rest of the site. You must have read statements on e-commerce websites such as, ‘Start now’ or ‘Avail the offer now.’ These are nothing but call to action statements. These statements have a commanding tone that will inadvertently lead you to make the purchase or at least get you to check the offers.

You must be familiar with your local shopkeepers praising specific products to persuade you to buy them and most of the times you might have even bought it. Websites have benefit statements that do the job of selling you the product by assuring you about the benefits of the product or a service. Benefit statements that sound confident make us believe that they are based on proven results and hence, instigate a sense of trust, consequently, converting visitors into leads.

Great navigation

No one likes getting lost or having a tough time to figure out something. Therefore, it’s best to assemble easy navigation in your website instead of putting a labyrinth of pages on the site. Considering our shorter attention spans, it is essential to design a website that allows the visitors to navigate through the website easily. By assessing the strong conversion points, you can develop the navigation in such a way that takes them to these points on your website that has high potential to generate a lead.

Easy checkout processes

If you are another peg in the world of e-commerce, then you must have realized the importance of leveraging each and every parameter to augment the sales. Multiple check-out gateways honestly can be very annoying for the users/consumers. Once the item goes into the cart, there should be no more than three steps to complete the transaction.

Though the sale takes place after the lead is converted, some visitors just add their items to the cart to come and buy later. With short checkout processes, you might be able to convert these online window shoppers into a potential lead or a customer.

State the unique element

Just capturing information is not enough for lead conversions. Content on your website also needs to highlight your USP or the unique element of your product or the service.

Target your content to emphasize on your differentiating factor or the hook in your offering. If the visitors are convinced that they won’t get the offerings or value anywhere else, they’ll not only end up buying the products or services themselves but will also refer you to other prospective customers.

Email marketing

This does not directly involve various elements of your website but an indirect way to drive the traffic into leads. Though this is an age-old practice in the digital world, email marketing still holds a lot of potential to capture people’s attention. Email marketing can include sending out enticing sale offers, newsletters crafted explicitly for your audiences, and sometimes just some free advice or tips if you are specialized in a niche service.

Email marketing can be an effective brand-recall strategy where consumers are reminded of your business, time and again. Niche service providers can send informational newsletters to let the prospects know about the credibility of the services and the value provided to the customer. If you are able to devise a successful email marketing strategy you might even get more traffic on your website which will further create more leads and finally result in impressive sales.

Traffic conversion has never been easy in the offline as well as online world. Persuading customers to convert them into leads can be a daunting task but equally important as well. Especially, in the digital world, it is highly impossible to jump from traffic to sales, directly. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the importance of generating leads and the factors that play a critical role in this.

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