Looking for WordPress Hosting? Read This!

Do you have a site that is running on WordPress? Are you looking for a hosting provider? There are many things that you will have to consider and most important amongst them all is finding the best WordPress hosting services provider. It has the direct impact on the traffic that your site receives, which in turn affects the sales, the SEO and the up-time as well. It is better to decide a lot of thought as you may not be able to change it quickly.

So which is the right hosting for you? Should it be managed hosting or VPS? Let’s find out:

#1 Managed Hosting

There are hosting providers who provide managed hosting services. They have an infrastructure that is dedicated to hosting WordPress sites and blogs. And you can set-up your WordPress sites easily with them. The most significant advantage with managed hosting is that you will not have to worry about support as they have a dedicated a team for the purpose that will help you resolve any issues.

When it comes to shared hosting, you will rent out server, and the hosting space and maintain the server on own. Taking care of web-server configuration, database, mail server, and other services will be your responsibility. Another thing that you will have to decide about is the hosting. Should it be shared hosting or dedicated one?

#2 Shared Hosting

In this type of hosting, your website will be hosted along with several other sites on the same server.  But this hosting is usually recommended for trial purposes. The performance of shared sites is generally limited and scaling a site on shared hosting can’t be done.

Furthermore, your website performance is affected by other sites as the resources are limited and are divided amongst the various sites.

  1. If any site in the shared hosting consumes a lot of resources, then other sites may get scrambled for resources.
  2. Then there is a security challenge with shared hosting sites as well.
  3. If any one site is hacked, then the rest other sites may get affected as well.

#3 Dedicated WordPress Hosting

In this environment, you have a dedicated server which will be taking care of your hosting needs only. There is no resource-sharing with other sites, so the resources are not shared. Dedicated hosting gives control in your hand, and you will have all the control that is needed by you. The security is more enhanced in the dedicated environment as TLS certificates can be installed to run your site on HTTPS.

#4 Key Points to Consider While Selecting Best WordPress Hosting

Now if you want to choose the best provider make sure that it provides these features:

  1. The page load speed should be high as it is considered as a ranking factor by Google
  2. The uptime should be 100%
  3. The pricing of the hosting provider should be reasonable

#5 In The End

The best WordPress hosting also offers one-click install back-ups and staging websites. So if you find a reputed provider offering services within budget, go for it.

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