Logo Design Tips from Branding Experts

Logo design is not as easy as it is perceived often. First of all, the idea needs to be unique; additionally, there remains the challenge of attaining perfection regarding colour, font, dimension, etc. It is the concerned brand that has to decide a lot about the factors mentioned above, rather than the logo designer. To help them in this regard, given below are some of the handy tips recommended by the experts in the branding arena.

Prioritize simplicity over all else

It is a misconception that that looks the most dazzling is the most attention dragging. It is not attention dragging; it would be rather better to claim this as disturbing. Though it drags the attention, ultimately creates the impression of disturbance. Moreover, a brand logo needs to be gettable by the viewer.

One should get the clear message about what it tries to portray through this logo. And, the same can be achieved by keeping things simple; rather than exaggerating things. Not just the letters, but the images should also be pretty clear. One may take the examples of all tops brands like twitter, apple, etc. into account.

It should not be a stupid beauty

Anything can be made catchy with the smart colour combination. It can be termed as the case of an art piece on such occasion; rather than a smart business logo. A business logo should be professional; signifying or glorifying the brand’s name and symbol and with the help of any logo design company Chennai one can have a business logo. This is important as ultimately things need to be relatable and memorable. A design that doesn’t have anything to do with the business you carry or the product you make absolutely makes no sense.

Design it keeping the target audience in mind

This is perhaps the most important aspect that one should have in mind. Be it about the product, brand, or logo; everything is ultimately dedicated to the audience. If the audience doesn’t relate things or doesn’t find something as of his/her own, then all efforts go worthless.

Hence the best recommendation would be to have a design that the concerned audience base would relate well to. For example, if you are a creative house or a writing service provider, something like a pen or nib can be a good idea of the logo image. It creates the vital impression among the audience.

Have a vision

Any effort without a vision is worthless. Similar is the case about logo designing as well. Just like branding, any business would wish its logo to remain unaffected. To create things enduring appeal with the logo design company Chennai, it is important to be creatively designed having a vision in mind. The simplest recommendation in this context would be to think a design that would reflect where you would wish to see your brand after a certain period.

Don’t sit back and relax by delivering the task

Satisfaction is impossible to be achieved upon putting the task on the head of a professional designer. If you have realised that the logo matters for the business, then you should take this with equal prominence as of the business. After all, it is going to reflect your brand value. Many people think their job is done by simply finding professional logo design services.

No matter how good is a logo designing company, perfection or complete accomplishment is impossible to be achieved if the purpose is not defined well to them. Each component of the design should thoroughly reflect this purpose. And, the concerned person should remain present at that point to ensure the designs being produced is actually up to the mark.

Hermit Chawla is a Marketing Manager at Sprak Design. He would love to share thoughts on office interior design, Lifestyle Design, Designing Brand Identity Agency, Exhibition design etc..