Lifecycle of Web Application Development – Benefits, Considerations and Takeaways

It all started with DVD-by-mail and grew tremendously with the undeniably influential concept of media streaming.

Netflix has made strides; it soared from 1.2 B to 11.6 B in just “one” decade!

Certainly, the company had foreseen the immense potential of streaming that in 2007 it gave birth to video-on-demand. Statista presents some very interesting statistics on Netflix-

  1. 23 M in 2011 to 30 M Subscribers in 2018
  2. Nearly 37% of internet users around the globe have subscribed to Netflix.
  3. In the United States alone 60.55 M have Netflix subscription

Out of countless web applications out there, Netflix is one example that has earned its place in technology, vision, and an offering.

And the list of web applications that are made for the greater good goes on –, Google Analytics, HubSpot, Trello, Google Docs, Evernote, etc.

Development of these web applications not only brought massive pecuniary advantage to their companies but they had great utility for professionals too.

Web Application Development for years is gaining traction due to hefty paybacks for companies who are keen on investing in the very venture.

Why are businesses relying heavily on these web apps?

  1. Web Apps allow connectivity with countless users at the same time
  2. They have impressive compatibility with any and every browser known and made
  3. Business efficiency multiplies and work effectiveness increases tenfold
  4. Strengthening the business-customer bond and encouraging seamless communication between the two parties
  5. These applications find use in all business verticals`
  6. Enhanced security which paves the path to customer retention
  7. Web App development and maintenance allow businesses to scale through continuous improvement to get users

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For example, Google Docs allowed simultaneous editing of a document by two or more than two people. Furthermore, the web application allows editing even without internet access where changes are reflected automatically after reconnection. Through privacy settings, docs owner gets to decide which person has the right to edit or the right to view the document. Moreover, the application allows group members to chat over the document while it is modified by all simultaneously.

Google Docs is one of the highly versatile web applications ever made. As a team can make changes in the document simultaneously, the cost and time to edit the same are utilized efficiently.

Are you planning to build a web application? Here is what you need to consider…

Some of the great web apps such as Dropbox, LinkedIn, Asana, etc showcase the tremendous potential for all business verticals. Such are the apps which get top scores in the following pre-requisites –

#1 Web app scalability It is quintessential for businesses to have web apps built with an ability to serve the purpose according to the demand.

#2 Performance has always been the focal point in web apps. A good app development company should be able to perform in an unexpected traffic spike.

#3 Security has to be the prime concern. While developing a web application, it is important to ensure that no user information is compromised in case of a lost or stolen device. Furthermore, in the scenario of loss of information as a result of a programming error, the cloud should always have the backup.

#4 Get that perfect code. An incorrect code or poor quality code leads to a bucket of problems. Best-in-class web app development services always insist on the code quality to avoid issues such as application deadlock, app security, etc.

#5 Who hasn’t come across Load distribution? Well, most of us know a “lil” or “just enough” about this problem. Often, when the new visitors arrive on your application or on one server, performance problems do arise. It is imperative to handle the situation well by appropriate testing tools to pinpoint any such weakness.

#6 Optimization of your Database – The most important steps you can take to get your web application to perform as expected is through Database optimization. If you plan to offer exceptional security apart from exemplary performance, this is what you need to do. Not only this, with time your data will increase and the need to effectively manage it. Ensuring efficient management and storage of data should be on the top of your to-do list.

 And here are the key takeaways…

Web App Development is an integral part of the technology landscape. These app offerings play a crucial role in a company’s development and success. Therefore, it is even more important to continuously scale them for enhanced performance and the ability to adapt to their user expectations. An app is a sure success if it blends well with the needs of its users. All things being equal, staying ahead of the game through incessant learning, implementation and maintenance can help your product earn popularity.

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