LG V30 to Roll Out with a Capacitive Touchscreen of 5.7-inches Display

LG, the famous tech giant, has offered us new beasts in the recent years. Now it’s the time for the third flagship smartphone of LG’s ‘V’ series. Hold your horses, because right here we are going to narrate about LG’s V30 key specs that might come with the beast.



LG V30 Display

Tech gurus have been offered with LG V10 and LG V20 where both the beasts sported a 5.7-inch Quad HD display. Envisions offer us to expect the upcoming LG V30 to sport a capacitive touchscreen of 5.7-inch IPS LCD with a screen protection of the new Gorilla Glass 5. Regarding the secondary display, LG V10 and LG V20 both had a secondary display that presented various notification icons as well as information without even turning the main display on. So with LG V30, we can expect similar features to be offered by the developers. Patent by GSM info suggests an all-screen front and the presence of the second screen feature with a slightly different one from the previous models.

LG V30 Camera

In terms of the imaging, LG V20 users were offered a great camera feature. But surely a tech conglomerate like LG might get bored of its double sensor feature, but it wouldn’t be an optimistic wishlist for fans to expect the next flagship to follow the footprints of LG’s G6 smartphone, as we have witnessed the similar thing with LG V20 which followed LG G5 last year. And it would be understandable for users to get two 13-megapixel sensors on the rear panel; one of a wide angle lens and the other including the optical image stabilization as well as the phase detection autofocus; on the contrary, we expect LG V30 to sport a selfie shooter of 8 MP.

LG V30 Hardware

Concerning the hardware features of LG, by far the rumors are thin on the ground. As LG V30n is a flagship smartphone, we definitely want to witness some hot new flagship specs. At this point of time, the latest is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor that is speculated to come with LG V30 processor including a minimum of 4 GB of RAM with an internal storage of 64 GB or 32 GB. Battery wise, tech enthusiast is looking forward to witnessing LG V30’s battery, which this time would be a non-removable one. Earlier LG V20 was sported with a removable 3200mAh capacity as per the tech stories go. Little do we know about LG V30’s audio, as there hasn’t been any focus on it. As per the reports, V20 had Qualcomm Audio that combined a Quad DAC with a high-quality speaker and sensitive mics. Let us now look forward to what LG V30 will come up with.

LG V30 Software

In terms of software features, most likely the beast will arrive on Android Nougat with LG’s UX 6.0. Envisions give us a close hint on new additional features which might get added on the software front. But as per our expectations, we want LG V30’s similarity with that of the LG’s G6.

Wrap Up

Much like guesswork, LG V30 envisions offer a lot of information. We are fairly confident about LG V30’s display to be coming with a super OLED display that is based on the Daydream compatibility. For more information stay glued with every possible LG V30 rumor.

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