Latest Technology Stack For Web Development Industry In 2020

Today’s software development, especially the website and mobile app development is extensively using JavaScript languages and other modern technologies such as AI – Artificial Intelligence, VR – Virtual Reality, and AR – Augmented Reality.

These togetherly are known as the latest technology stack for web development majorly used in a top web development company in the USA.

Considering technologies and market worth, no web development service provider is interested in hiring individuals of individual technology.

Best web development services throughout the world demand to hire a dedicated developer.

The demand for experienced full-stack developers is high in 2019 and will see more influence on upcoming years!

“The total global IT and software development spending will cross $3.8 trillion in 2019 which is 3.2% more as compared to the previous year.”

Though people are waiting to see something supernatural in the future development of websites, but sorry to say it will be all artificial.

I mean many technology stacks in web development will be introduced in the next 5 years. However, the choice of the best and latest technology stack is entirely dependent upon people.

It is because technologies need investment!

Therefore, small businesses and startups will prefer low-cost technologies while MNCs and big businesses will challenge themselves with high-cost technologies.

In both cases, the most important thing is to develop a top-notch web application that satisfies the clients under their budget and takes you or your software development firm to the heights of other well-established companies.

“The enterprise websites, applications, and software development will grow at 8.3%, while software products powered by Cloud and SaaS business model will grow over 22% in 2020.”

Hence choosing the right latest technology stack tech stack for web development is an evident key to your project’s success.

On the other hand, the wrong choice of web development technologies can result you a big failure.

Latest Technology Stack For Web Development

What Is A Technology Development Stack For Web in 2019?

Before moving on to choosing a modern website development technology stack, you must understand the process of site and web application development.

I would not like to go deep; however, le’me clear it in just a few lines.

There are two different sides in web development: first is the client-side and second is server-side.

You may call the client-side as the front end and the server-side as the backend.

The backend programming involves connecting an application to the database via server. But in frontend programming, you design and develop its appearance.

Thus, in website development, there are two developers: front-end developers and back-end developers.

In addition to it, a developer who knows both types of programming is called a full-stack developer!

As we have already told you that the demand for full-stack developers in the market is more, we invite you here to learn about the latest technology stacks for full-stack website development.

Full-Stack Web Development: Latest Technology Stack

Hiring a new website and software developer for each new technology is costly; moreover, difficult to manage.

Hence, employers hire dedicated full stack web developers in USA.

And why not one should do this? Full-stack development is a comprehensive web development solution whose popularity is due to JavaScript technology.

“JavaScript technology is a popular technology according to the 2018’s survey from Stack Overflow. Around 71.5% of the professional web application developers like it.”

A full-stack developer needs the following technical knowledge frontend + backend + database + operating system + their respective tools.

If you think full-stack development is cost-effective, multivariable, and is able to attract you then we as a top website development company in USA can offer you the best deals of website development.

Latest Technology Stack For Web Development In 2020

JavaScript Technology

The JavaScript technology is old but updated and actually matured the concept of full-stack development.

There are many platforms using JavaScript technology and its capabilities have enabled developers to work on all domains, though backend and frontend are two separate domains from each other.

The MEAN stack development is a bright example of full-stack development based on JavaScript technology.

Moreover, it has gained immense popularity in the worldwide website development market for being smooth and efficient in 2019.

We hope that 2020 and coming next five years will see Javascript technology as the latest technology stack for web development.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

If we talk about the professional-grade web development in big MNCs and enterprises, then AI has found its space.

To support customer support services of a website, AI plays an important role in developing chatbots, digital assistants, biometric analysis, etc.

You can refer to this article: Why Chatbots Are The Future Of Social Media Platform?

It clears your mind & lets you learn how revolutionary AI has become in web development.

Today, AI-enabled chatbots in the websites are common in retail, healthcare, eCommerce, SaaS, and many other domains.

“The chatbots by the end of 2020 will handle 85% of total customer support interactions. This will save billions of money in the businesses.”

Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

These lightweight, mobile-friendly, efficient, and interactive web pages are precisely PWA which works more smoothly the same as native mobile apps in Android and iOS.

Additionally, they are capable to run offline. These apps are the latest web development technology that is integrated with their respective websites.

It adjusts in the browsers automatically and connects people, internet space, and helps the best web development services providers in USA to gives the best web applications without delays & glitches.

Blockchain Technology

Today, the cybersecurity of websites and other web applications is the topmost challenge in the website development industry.

It is a boon for the developers as it copes with the security concerns. A website merged with this technology has some set examples.

For instance, you can use it in online purchases, digital certifications, financial transactions, online antiviruses, and many other software development fields.

It is extensively used in the world of cryptocurrency networks. Actually, blockchain is suitable for developing secure networks in healthcare, government sectors, finance, banking, and many more.

A full-stack developer will definitely hunt down this latest technology stack in the website development along with the above-discussed techs.

As a result, a top custom software development company in USA will definitely give priority to such a knowledgeable developer.

If you are planning to head out in USA for a job of website developer then don’t forget to get knowledge on AI and blockchain.

Learn Frontend Technologies

To become a good frontend developer in the web development industry, learn technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, UI, UX, and software development methodologies along with web designing.

Remember, to try out JavaScript as it is very important.

Learn Backend Technologies

There are many backend software development languages and learning each of them isn’t important.

But, if you can do this, then it would be a miracle for you in a path of becoming a dedicated developer.

Learn about databases, MySQL, AWS, Node JS, Express JS, MongoDB, and Python, PHP and other related technologies.

This combination of JavaScript, AI, Blockchain, PWAs, and programming languages presently marks as the latest technology stack which is used in web development companies in USA.

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