How SEO Optimized Website Will Generate Results in 2020

Did you know that having an SEO optimized website can deliver incredible performance against your business goal? To understand a little more about search engine optimization, the very first & important step is to realize that Google is the leading search portal all over the internet. 

This makes it the largest traffic driver in the entire network. Thus, it is important to know that it can be a great ally in the success of your web page. 

This is because Google is responsible for driving visitors to your site. These can later be turned into customers. And the consequence of that, are also incredible results and profits.

But to attract the public is necessary to use some SEO techniques. And have you ever heard about this concept?

What is SEO?

SEO boils down to a set of actions that are generally applied to your site – in content, settings and even images – to make it more apparent to search engines, including Google. 

This way, your page can reach higher and higher search results rankings and thus ensure greater success for your business, whatever it may be.

It is also interesting that you know what the acronym SEO means. It indicates Search Engine Optimization

SEO for Your Small Business

So, as we mentioned earlier, the concept involves working to tweak your pages so that the algorithm of search engines like Google can better understand what your content is about.

This way, search engines will give importance to your portal and suggest it for related searches.

It is also important to highlight that focusing on a good site optimization does not include cheating or any kind of scheme that aims to bypass the system. 

What is the real importance of SEO for an optimized website?

To understand the real importance of SEO techniques, just think about it: Almost all successful search engines use advanced SEO, so why should I be left behind?

Plus, they can help you reach the audience you want for your business. That way, people can get to your site in very few clicks.

But for that, you can’t forget that it’s critical that your content is highly relevant. That’s because Google and other similar search engines focus on always delivering the best results to their users.

Importantly, working with SEO techniques is not extremely complex or difficult, it enriches your content and improves the user experience on your site. 

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How does an optimized website generate results?

Knowing the importance of SEO makes it easier for you to understand how to make your site more visible on search engines. 

Therefore, good website positioning and optimization through SEO has numerous benefits-

Much higher visibility

By working SEO strategies to optimize your site, it ends up being found with greater ease through algorithms. Also, its relevance to other sites will be higher.

Quantify site hits

Once there is a good placement of the site on Google, there is an increase in clicks. You see, when you search for content on Google, you rarely browse other pages, do you? Therefore it is more common for the first results to be the most accessed.

Trusted site

According to the algorithms of major search engines, there are endless rules for providing better results on the internet. Thus, when choosing your website, there are a number of variables to evaluate its quality, making the page more reliable, which is extremely important. An optimized site that has the expected quality of content will surely be a reference!

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What are the main SEO techniques used?

Now that you know the importance and key benefits of SEO techniques, it’s time to understand which ones are most used. Among them, we can mention:

Keyword Optimization

We all know that searches are performed on Google from certain words searched by users. Thus, a widely used strategy is to anticipate which of these terms are related to your business and consider using them in your SEO strategy, noting which are the most searched words.

Develop Search Engine Friendly URLs

Another widely used technique is the development of friendly URLs. This is why you need to avoid disconnected symbols or numbers in your URL. It’s interesting to create clean URLs that spell out which area of ​​the site the customer is located. For example, if it is a registration area, you could end the address with “ / registration ”.

Have a responsive website

It is also very important to ensure that your website acts responsibly, that is, it works on desktops and mobile devices. The big reason for this is that most people have their cell phone 24 hours a day, accessing the most diverse content through it. So you have no reason to stay out of the trend and lose potential customers, do you? By combining all these features, your site begins to generate a very positive return. Just keep paying attention to these criteria and good performance will be effective!


There are also some interesting tips for finding keywords: in this case, Google Keyword Planner and Ubersuggest present very simple and practical functions for those who want site and content optimization.

Do not forget internal and external links to generate the results expected by good positioning. Also remember that within an SEO strategy, all the content you offer on your website must be of quality! Avoid any kind of duplicate text as this can lead to penalties on your website. Oh, and no plagiarism , okay?

Now you know a little more about the importance of having an SEO optimized website for your business and how you can do it. If you have any further query or confusion please comment below and we will get back to you.

Raunak is a Mechanical Engineer by qualification & Marketer by passion. He is the co-founder of Maiden Stride, a leading digital marketing agency that provides world-class search engine marketing services and website & application development.