Know all about Drip Push Notifications & Drip Campaigns

To win a customer with a single notification is hard and a lot of effort stand in need to retain them as a loyal user for a longer period. Now, with Drip Push Notifications, you can send series of notifications to your customer and earn them as a user. You can check out the Welcome Drip feature for your push Notifications with any of the Web Push Notification platforms and choose the one that meets your requirements. PushEngage, PushCrew, iZooto, etc are some of the top tier ones on this platform.

What is a Drip Notification?

Drip Notification is a set of automated series of Welcome Push Notifications mainly for those ’new subscribers’ It will help your user either to navigate through your website more effectively or will nurture them that results in a conversion.

According to a survey, Push Notifications have 50% higher click rate than emails and interestingly the ROI and Reach is also better than emails.

What are Drip Push Campaigns?

Drip Push Campaigns or Welcome Drip Campaigns are set of automated messages sent to your subscribers either as emails or as Web Push Notifications. You can schedule these messages and can set them to go live when you want. This Drip Push Campaign is triggered after a website visitor subscribes you. It helps you derive the best ROI and great reach with minimal efforts and here we will see the best ways of using Welcome Drip Notification Campaigns.

Welcome Drip Push Notifications can be customized and helps in creating a memorable user experience. How? Well, you can create a series of automated Push Messages soon after a user subscribes to your website where you can set specific time intervals for each notification to go live to the user.

Benefits of Drip Push Notification Campaigns

#1 Increases Revenue:

Drip Push Notifications can help in increasing your revenue. A drip notification is actually sent to a new user to welcome him to your website and after a specific duration, you can send him another notification that can attract him more to your website. This will tempt him to browse your website in more detail and once you send him the next notification, you are sure to get one more loyal user added to your list.drip push notification benefits

While sending notifications it would be an added advantage if you can add CTA buttons, large images, Emojis etc in your message so that it easily grabs user attention and an action is initiated. A CTA button redirects the user to a landing page where he can get more details on the notification received and can guide him in his purchase.

#2 Improves the Click Rate:

Well, when a user is getting a personalized notification, he is sure to click on the message. It has been seen that using Push Notifications as a channel for communication has improved the click rate enormously.drip push notification benefits

Using Drip Push Notifications, you are sending out a set of automated push notifications at predefined intervals. Here a new subscriber is nurtured slowly till he is converted into a loyal user. You can send notifications that can entice the user and that creates a curiosity in their minds so that they click on the notifications. This will make the users feel more personalized as they share a great user experience.

#3 Great User Experience:

If you are smart enough to share a great user experience by choosing the right opt-in strategy, then you are sure to succeed. After you have sent drip notifications and have been successful in converting them into a loyal customer, now the responsibility lies in making the user know your website.

It can be regarding the services offered, products, what makes you unique from your competitors, etc and finally send your very first notification. You can also educate your first-time users regarding your products and services by sending then drip notifications on how other people are using your products and services, sharing testimonials, etc.

#4 Nurturing your Subscribers:

Once you have got decent subscriber list, it is essential to maintain them as they are the source of your future leads. Increase your subscribers with the right opt-in strategy methods. Know how to increase your subscribers using Push Notifications. Using Drip Push Notifications send series of automated notifications that your users find in interest and fetch you more leads.

#5 Easy Promotion of products & services:

Sending Drip Push Notifications is one of the easiest methods to shout out about your newly launched products or services to your subscribers. This will grab their attention very soon. Also if you have an upcoming event, alert the users via Drip notification by setting an expiry date of the event.

It will ensure that the notification is reaching out to people before the event expires. You can set yet another drip notification once the event is wrapped up where you can notify the users about the success of the event and the main highlights of the same. A boost in engagement and reach will be seen for this action.

Gayathry V Pillai is the content marketer at PushEngage, a platform for sending Web push notifications. Apart from writing, she loves traveling and is a coffee addict. Catch up with her on Twitter.