Integrate WordPress with Topmost eMail Marketing Platforms

Technological advancements have changed the ways and methods of doing business. With eCommerce gaining momentum all over the world, various email marketing platforms have evolved aimed at promoting online companies. They have offered marketing solutions to multiple businesses hence promoting sustainable growth. Company’s brands have leveraged on email marketing to achieve their marketing objectives as well as remaining competitive in a rapidly growing eCommerce environment. People are embracing technology all over the world, like email usage. As a result, many companies have resorted to using email marketing campaigns as a way of promoting their brands and businesses. 

This article aims at highlighting the best email marketing platform that can be integrated with WordPress websites. It can be done by the WordPress website design company.


This is a good email marketing that can be integrated with WordPress websites to promote eCommerce business. It helps email marketing campaigns very quickly using pre-built templates and segments which are ready-made. Besides, it is a one-click automation to have the work done Mailchimp possesses excellent design tools that help in the creation of fantastic marketing campaigns that stand out from the crowd. Using Mailchimp businesses can promote their businesses through social media, landing pages as well as postcards. 

Companies can understand their customers with excellent features from Mailchimp irrespective of the activities they are doing. Through the in-built analytic features of Mailchimp, it is easier to establish which marketing campaigns which work well in promoting business and the ones that are not working. With such information, one can build up a better campaign in the future that well encourages activity. Therefore Mailchimp is the best email marketing that WordPress website Design Company can integrate with build powerful email marketing campaigns.


Hubspot is also a fantastic email marketing platform that can be integrated with the WordPress website Design Company to promote business growth to another level. Apart from marketing, Hubspot can take care of customer services and sales with the inbuilt CRM in it. The marketing hub provided by HubSpot enables a business to grow inflow traffic and conversion of visitors as well as running through inbound marketing campaigns at a massive scale. Through the sales hub in Hubspot, it is easier to track emails, conduct email automation and the services offered by HubSpot helps businesses to connect with customers.

Convert kit

WordPress Website Development Company can integrate with the Convert kit email marketing platform for customer attraction. Convert kit has great writing and editing functions which makes it outstanding when compared with the other email marketing platforms. The automation of marketing by Convert kit is an amazing feature that saves businesses tasks of sending appropriate and targeted content to the subscribers. Businesses can group their subscribers with tags and segments and send them personalized emails through Convert kit. The emails can contain greatly targeted content that captures the subscriber’s interest. The homepage dashboard enables the firms to keep track of the performance of the email marketing campaigns. Therefore, this promotes drawing of insights about the whole process.

Get Response email marketing platform

This is a fantastic email marketing platform that promotes growth in one’s business. It is an excellent platform that WordPress web designing company can integrate with. The Response marketing platform acts as a great conversion booster. This is due to its top-notch features which are not limited to automated emails, newsletters as well as blog digests. Email campaign kickstarting is quickly done with Get Response. This is because it offers many expert-designed and customizable email templates together with drag and drops email editor. Also, there are available licensed images from shutter stock for adding beauty to the business’s email templates. 

With Get Response email marketing platform, sending target and personalized emails is possible. It enables firms to utilize information obtained from signup, purchases and subscription lifecycle of customers to promote the exhibition of custom and dynamic content in marketing emails. It is essential to understand that email marketing alone cannot encourage business growth. There is a need to have ways of obtaining response on how website the email marketing campaigns are performing. For instance, ids are crucial for the improvement of results. Therefore with GetResponse marketing platform analytics are availed acts as an eye-opener and can promote email comparisons.


This is a fantastic email marketing platform that can be easily integrated with WordPress website designing company. It offers excellent email crafting experience as well as powerful automation features that promote eCommerce businesses. It has a drag and drops editors which changes email marketing experience to be interest and excellent. It enables firms to make beautiful emails within a short period. I-contact provides split testing features that ensure the best and right quality content is sent to the customers. With high automation provided by the I-contact platform, one can save time for other tasks. Reviewing work and performances is essential to establish great strategies in the future, and this is possible through the use of the I-contact.


With the advancement in technology and the adoption of eCommerce all over the world, email marketing is gathering momentum. It will be one of the most excellent strategies for promoting brand marketing. Businesses can provide information about their brands through email marketing. Customers through such platforms are equipped with comprehensive information about the company’s brand and available options. Therefore they can make an informed decision on brands to buy. It is, therefore, essential for businesses to adopt email marketing into their websites to promote growth.

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