How does the Increasing Supply of Engineers impact demand for their Services?

The growing demand for software products and solutions have paved the way for the need for more software developers and engineers. The response from professionals is overwhelming and more and more students are opting for courses that are related to information technology.

A software development company typically has a team of software developers and engineers to build solutions that meet client requirements. The number of professionals who are software engineers and developers are indeed overwhelming. With such a large number, business organizations and various industry verticals could not help but ask if the increasing supply of software engineers could affect the demand for their services.



For app developers, there is never going to be a time when everyone could program. There is a ton of people with zero interest in ever becoming a developer. And this is a good thing as well. Some people truly do not enjoy programming. People who do not must spend their lives doing something else instead. But for those who do, it would always be relevant to be a software engineer.


  1. Technology would always evolve. The phone in one’s pocket processes billions more instructions each second compared to the Apollo Guidance computer that first took mankind to the moon.
  2. Software programming tools would be appropriated for all industry verticals. Software is eating the world and it is in plenty of places that people wouldn’t have expected.
  3. Programming tools would be powerful and intuitive. With a new JavaScript framework, which comes out apparently each week, the development tools used are becoming more powerful as well.
  4. Careers would require basic coding literacy level. Skills in programming are relevant even for non-programmers. Things such as HTML/CSS, SQL, JavaScript frameworks could be relevant for designers, marketers, salespeople and many other professions too.
  5. The job market would continue to adapt. Even for a COBOL programmer, there is always a job since software systems at times take a while to adapt.
  6. Experienced software engineers careers would always exist to resolve complex issues. The best software in the world is built by teams, and teams would always require leadership.
  7. Culture is changing and computers are getting relevant in all aspects of people’s lives. Five years ago, people would never have thought of pulling out a pone to hail a cab. These days, one may be comparing the wait time for Uber and Lyft.
  8. Software engineering is all about a lot more than simply writing code. Understanding processes and problems are more important compared to the syntax of a programming language, which happens to be used nowadays.
  9. There still are problems that computers could not solve efficiently. Unless there is a solution to the traveling salesperson concern, there is still progress to be made in the computing realm.
  10. Even some older software development projects would be around forever.
  11. Machine learning would never make programmers relevant. Some industries’ best implementations of machine learning and artificial intelligence are done by Google, which employ more than 30,000 developers.


It is without doubt the leading software development companies offering custom software development believe that software engineering is extremely important. Building big and small software are far different. With the help of a software engineer, big programs become easy to develop. The following are several importance of software engineering.

  1. Minimizes complexity. Large software always are complex and hard to develop. Software engineering has a good solution to decrease project complexity. Engineering divides big problems into small ones. And then start to solve each small problem one by one. All the small problems are independently soled to each other. At the end, all problems that are solved are combined to get the final solution.
  2. Decrease time. Anything not made in accordance to the plan is always a waste of time. In making big software, one could run a lot of code to get the ultimate running code. This is very time consuming and if not managed well could take a lot of time. Making software in a software engineering approach will reduce a lot of time.
  3. Minimize cost of software. Software requires plenty of hard work and software engineers are professionals who are highly paid. Plenty of man force is needed to develop software with millions of codes. In software engineering however, programmers plan everything and reduce all things that are not needed. In turn, the cost becomes less compared to software that does not use a software engineering approach.
  4. Reliable software. Software must be reliable means it should work. If any bugs come in the software, then the company is responsible of solving all the bugs. Because in software engineering, maintenance and testing is provided, thus no need to worry of its reliability.
  5. Effectiveness. Effectiveness comes if all has been made according to standards. Software standards are the huge focus in organization to make it more effective. Software becomes more effective with the help of engineering.
  6. Handling huge projects. Huge projects are not made in a few days and they need a lot of planning, patience and management. It requires plenty of direction, planning, testing and maintenance. To handle big projects without any problem, an organization has to opt for a software engineering approach.
  7. Productivity. With software engineering, any company could boost its productivity. Any project the lower cost and needs less time will always help to improve company productivity. With software engineering, proper care of the productivity is taken since it has testing system at each level.

Software engineers would always remain relevant. Furthermore, programming would always be a specialized skill. There never has been a better time to be a programmer. Young people who are contemplating on an IT career should take into consideration becoming software engineers. Software engineering is a great field that continues to be in demand, regardless of how many engineers are around. The industry is so huge that there is always room for more professionals who are able to meet customer requirements.




Dhrumit Shukla has been working as Business Development Manager in a software development company named TatvaSoft since 5 years. He is profoundly skilled and well experienced in providing software development services on various technologies ranging from Microsoft .NET to JAVA, Salesforce, BizTalk, SharePoint, PHP, Open Source, iOS, Android, Pentaho and the list goes on. Dhrumit has the true potential to manage client from a wide range of Industries like BFSI, Supply Chain, Healthcare, Retail, Hospitality etc. Another aspect that makes him a trusted technical advisor and IT solution partner in the eyes of his clients is his effective communication skills. He keeps track on status of each Project during SDLC and provides extended support to clients to make sure Project deadline is matched and delivered within the budget.