How Your Business Can Use Instagram Live to Capture Leads

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms today. In recent years, more marketers utilize live video feeds to draw in consumers and convert them into customers.

Instagram has over 1 billion monthly active users, which is more than double the number of users Twitter has. The main focus of the platform is visual data, so it makes sense that videos are a popular addition to the social media site.

Figuring out ways of catching new leads using Instagram Live videos shouldn’t be a series of campaigns where you throw something at a wall and hope it sticks. Instead, try the following tactics for lead generation:

1. Highlight Your Products

About 60 percent of people on Instagram say they’ve discovered a new product after seeing it on the platform. However, you can’t just create a spammy video that says “buy this from me.” People on social media notoriously dislike spammy content.

Instead, you must highlight how your products or your brand helps people and improves lives. Showcase a customer with a story to tell or offer info on how your company works for a cause you truly believe in. It’s OK to highlight the product within the video, but the main push of the video can’t merely be to sell.

2. Push the Customer Experience

Customer experience (CX) is one of the most critical elements of company growth. If customers have a fantastic experience, they’ll become loyal to your brand and they’ll also tell others about it.

Ken Schmidt, former director of communications for Harley-Davidson and a motivational speaker, believes changing the narrative of what people say about your brand to other people will attract more customers. You must turn your customers into brand ambassadors. Encourage your biggest fans to go live with their videos.

Instagram Customer Experience

3. Give Something Back

Some of the best video campaigns tie into giving back to a cause. What does your brand stand for? If you give your employees paid time to volunteer at a local pet shelter, share a video of them grooming dogs and feeding cats. Highlight different animals from the shelter who need a home.

One of the keys to altruistic endeavors is to not do good deeds with an expectation of getting anything in return. If you’re only volunteering to try to make sales, consumers will see right through that. Pick a cause you believe in and promote it without expecting anything in return.

4. Host a Live Q&A

One way of grabbing leads for a live video is gathering questions before the live video. People send you their email and a question, and you give them the option to opt-in for your mailing list. Most people will opt in because they are already interested in what you have to say.

You then read the questions during the live Q&A and answer each one. Another benefit of hosting a live Q&A is that those with featured questions are likely to share the content and attract more eyes to your video.

5. Offer a Workshop

Marketers use webinars as a lead generation tactic, and Instagram Live offers an option for a similar scenario. Promote your live workshop ahead of time and make sure the information is something your target audience desires. However, hold back some of the more advanced information.

At the end of the workshop, share a link where viewers can sign up to get a free advanced seminar. Creating insider, advanced content allows you to gather their email addresses and generate highly targeted leads.

Try Different Tactics

Instagram Live gives you an opportunity to try out different ideas and adapt your marketing campaigns as you go. If something doesn’t work well, set it aside and try a different method. The videos that generate the most leads are ones you should repeat. With a little practice, you’ll gather enough new customers to make it worth your time and investment in live videos.

Kayla Matthews is a technology journalist with an interest in tech innovation and the IoT. She is a senior writer for MakeUseOf and owner of the tech productivity blog Productivity Bytes. You can read more of her work on Hackernoon,, and Triple Pundit.