Steps To Get Started On Twitter For Your Business 2019

How to set up your profile, build links and start expanding your business visibility via Twitter

July is the Twitter month for us, so for those who already use Twitter for their business, stay tuned to learn more about the way forward and tips on using Twitter for business!

For those of you who have not yet braved the waters of Twitter social networks, this article will provide you with compelling reasons to invite you to use Twitter for business, and then immerse yourself in creating your profile and on the how to start creating your profile on Twitter.

Why use Twitter for your business?

Twitter is a key player in online social media. In January of this year, Google bought Twitter Fabric (a Twitter development arm for apps) for an undisclosed amount for a good reason. With more than 330 million active Twitter accounts, there is a large audience.

Your ability to reach your target audience is enhanced by Twitter because it allows your users to see the latest news of your business in real time and provides a window on your business through what you share and promote.

Nearly 25% of verified Twitter users consider themselves journalists and often, newspaper news on Twitter before other platforms have a chance to write a report.

Whether you are local, national or even international, following reporters and creating links is a great way to share your own content with a wide audience, with the intention, of course, that some become paying customers.

Not surprisingly, according to current estimates, 93% of businesses use Twitter and more than half use it daily.

Another big advantage is how Twitter (and social media in general) has replaced traditional public relations. Companies using Twitter report a 20% improvement in customer relationship!

How to set up your Twitter account

Let’s describe how easy it is to create a Twitter account. Then we will see how to use it.

The first step of the Twitter setup:

  1. To access this in your new account, you will need to click on the top right next to the word Tweet.
  2. This will open a menu.
  3. Select the top part where you see the username you entered when you registered.
  4. You will be taken your Twitter profile page.
  5. Now select Edit Profile as shown on the page.
  6. Now you can enter your bio (limited to 160 alphanumeric characters)

* When writing your biography, start with what your company does or share what your subscribers can expect from you and end with something more personal.

Example 1: A certified sports coach whose passion is health, well-being and nutrition Vegan, shares tips and recipes to help you in your health journey. Wife and mom who loves the outdoors

Example 2: (let’s say this is mine): I share tips on digital marketing, websites, branding, and social media. Experienced and passionate web developer, e-commerce consultant, wife, mother, and chocoholic.

  1. Update your profile photo (image size: 400 X 400)
  2. Change your header image (image size: 1500 x 500)
  3. Enter your location
  4. Add to your website address
  5. Choose your theme colors – ideally, match them to the colors of your company brand
  6. Then click on “Save Changes”!

Now that you have your profile, it’s time to look for followers.

Finding your followers on Twitter

This part is both very easy and very difficult. Let me explain!

It’s easy to keep the subscribers of everyone looking to turn you into a customer. It’s much more difficult in reverse order.

Some accounts have hundreds of thousands of followers, but almost all are people looking for customers. It can be easy to get lost in a pit of marketers, so beware of suspicious accounts.

Look for people you know. Not only personally, but the brand personalities you trust. There is a very easy search function on the top right. Just type in a name and start checking.

You can also use Twitter’s advanced search to further refine your efforts.

People with a high number of “followers” and a low number of “followers” indicate that they cannot make good connections with their content, so be careful. Even if they follow you, it simply means they are watching to see if you are following it and as soon as you do, they will unsubscribe. A practice that I do not tolerate at all.

All accounts with about equal number of “Followers” and “Followers” could simply be people in a niche that follow each other but do not touch anyone outside that sphere. They can add but make sure it’s not ALL you add.

You can also use Twitter’s email tool to manage your email for possible connections stored in your email records of people with whom you have already emailed.

If you’re still stuck: try writing a list of brands like yours and add them. Tracking your competitors does not just tell you what’s popular in your industry, it’s also getting your name in front of their subscribers if you feel compelled to respond.

Another easy tip that we described recently during our Twitter month is to use hashtags to search for local businesses on Twitter.

Many of us are dealing locally, so be sure to check this post above.

Do not worry about your follower account and focus on quality rather than quantity.

Continue tweeting

It’s now time to start tweeting! It’s an opportunity for you to have 140 characters to sell to you in your own voice.

Try a few tweets on this link to the pages of your site, but do not overdo it. Concentrate on building an identity that builds trust in your subscribers.

Look for trusted voices in your industry where you can retweet and enjoy their content.

When you retweet, look for opportunities to link them to your business. If they share X and you build awareness around X, retweet and add a link to your corresponding page, whether it’s a static product page or a blog post. The goal is to reach them, as well as your users, in order to connect to the trusted authority.

An effective way to increase the viability of your tweet is to add an image to your tweet. It’s really easy and recently, Twitter has made it even easier with the addition of a GIF feature. You can search for fun and/or relevant GIFs directly in your Tweet. Just click under the text box where it is written GIF.

Have fun and share the content you like. Do not fall into the trap of using only Twitter for its own promotion.

Managing Twitter can seem tedious when you follow a lot of tweeps. Using tools to automate tasks and methods to organize users and flows is an essential part of your success as a Twitter professional!

Tool to manage your Twitter followers

Circleboom is a Twitter unfollow app and it’s an essential part of managing my Twitter account now. The free version allows you to easily empty your “unfollowers”, follow your followers and identify your inactive followers. The premium version includes many other tools and features that will help you automate Twitter tasks.

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