How to Make a Logo with the Best Free Online Logo Maker Websites

How many times have you sat in front of your computer and not known how to make a logo for your brand? And I bet you did not know that there are many logo creators who help you create free and online logos without having to pay, right?

So today I’m going to show you what a logo is and how to make one with the best logo creators that we find online.

What is a logo and how to make a logo?

Before going to introduce the tools to make logos, I want to explain what a logo is.

A logo is a graphic representation that will identify your brand, product or company. Therefore, it is the part that communicates to the public who you are and what you do at a simple glance, through its forms, letters, colors, and styles.

Therefore, a logo must be memorable and be recorded in the mind of the target audience that you address, transmitting the greatest possible strength and your brand values.

If your logo represents what you are and has a good design for your audience, it will give you many advantages such as:

  • It will distinguish you from competitors, adding value to your brand.
  • If it is in accordance with the values of the company, it will transmit trust and credibility.
  • It will remain in the memory of public, identifying your brand when they see the logo.
  • It will attract the target audience.

Here I’m going to introduce you to the best three websites to make logos without having design knowledge.

Three websites to generate company logos for free and online


DesignEvo is one of the most fabulous websites to create online logos since it offers more than 5000 logo templates – All are 100% customizable. You can modify the color, and text and add other elements to it easily.

Its built-in database has millions of icons and dozens of fonts for selection. You can scale them to any size without pixelating. With three easy steps, a high-quality logo will be created.

  1. Choose a template
  2. Customize it with your favorite combination
  3. Download for free

You can also save your logo and then return to edit them anytime you want. Super easy to use!

Graphic Springs

This tool for creating free online logos is excellent since you simply insert the name of your brand and choose the category to which it belongs. Automatically, it shows you many logo samples to choose from.

Here is how GraphicSprings works:

  1. Quickly choose from a variety of premium quality logo templates to start. They are categorized by different industries such as Computer, Education, Children & Childcare, Fashion & Beauty, and Food & Drink, making the process quick and easy.
  2. Now freely edit the graphics and text of your template. Change position, color, font, shadow, glow and more. Anyone can use it since it’s all click-and-drag.
  3. Finally, you finish your logo design. You can save and download high-resolution files (available in PNG, SVG, and JPG formats).


Canva is a tool to make posters or flyers online and for free, but that can also be used to create logos. It is a matter of playing with the forms, texts, icons, and images until you find the result that you like the most.

With this website to create free logos, you will need to create a free Canva account. There are different logo styles and themes available.

  1. Explore Canva’s library of professionally designed templates to find your favorite one.
  2. Customize the logo to adapt it to your liking, whether changing fonts, colors, position or sizes.
  3. Now save and share your logo with the world on your social media channels.

Without breaking the bank, you can create a unique logo in minutes.

In my opinion, such a website to generate company logo is super useful and great. Creating a logo is something essential in our brand and that many of us have skipped sometimes, so it is a pending task that we have to check if we have a company or want to start. So why not try these tools and tell me how they have gone?

Gerrad is a technology geek who likes all types of new technology and writes articles about how-to, tips & tricks. Her greatest pleasure is to share creative ideas to inspire others.