How To Import And Export WordPress Users The Easy Way

Not every time you are going to use a single website for your whole lifetime. Now multiple websites and multiple functionalities of the websites are a very common factor among the website handlers. The best feature of the world press is whenever you are going to create a new WordPress user, the relevant data of the users are going to store in your database; hence this quality is present in WordPress.

But when you are merging multiple websites and want to shift all the WordPress users to the new website automatically. To perform the automatic shifting, most of the word press users prefer the importing and exporting functions of the WordPress users.

Let’s see how the import and export of WordPress are going to benefit you.

Why You May Need To Use The Import And Export Of The Users?

For the multiple website handlers, these simple import and export user techniques are going to solve the problem. Multiple website handling is a complicated task. And if you can merge all the websites and shift all the WordPress users to the new website. Your website data stored are going to be more organized, and you can easily handle all the work.

Here are some scenarios when you will need the import and export of the word press users.

  • When you want to consolidate the two websites or merge the two website content and the database, you will need the import and export
  • When you want to import your customer data into your email list or your CRM
  • When you are purchasing a new website and want to merge the new website data along with your older website data

These three are the three common scenarios when you need the import and export of WordPress users. The best way to do the work is first to do the WordPress plugin installation.

So how can you import and export WordPress users?

How To Import WordPress Users?

Import-export WordPress plugin is the easiest method to import the present WordPress users to the different one. You can easily import the world press users to the same website or the different one. From your website word press interface, you can easily import the word press users.

Here is the step-by-step guide for importing WordPress users.

Step1:If you chromecontinue use, search login to the admin page of your website from which you want to import the data. Start with typing /wp-admin and enter in the admin page of your WordPress website.

Step2:Check the left sidebar of your WordPress admin page and open the last option, which is denoting the tool option.

Step3:When you are going to open the tools option here, you will get the option to import and export the WordPress user.

Step4:Choose the option of Import and export the users and the customer and select the CSV file.

Step5:From here, you can choose your own plugin settings and start reviewing the options that fulfill your requirement. Then start to do importing.

Step6:Then start the importing by clicking the confirm button. After the plugin is starting to do the importing, you will see the details of the imported data of the users.

Step7:You can visit the all user’s page to see the imported data. After completing your importing, you can send your customers the mail confirmations or the mail invitations.

This importing of WordPress users is great to help when you want to increase your customer engagement level. If you have a mailing option, you will get the chance to send the mail invitations and give a brief description of the website.

 Now let’s see how you can export the WordPress users.

How Can You Export The WordPress Users?

For exporting the WordPress users, you have to start with installing the import-export WordPress plugin. Then your export of the WordPress users is becoming easier.

Here is the step-by-step guide to export the WordPress users.

Step1: Start with opening up the WordPress website admin area. Again type/wp-admin and give the username and password to enter in the admin page.

Check the left-hand column and click the tools option.

Step2:Like the import, you will see the export option beside your import option on the tool page.

Step3:Here you have to choose the specific users who you want to export.

Step4:Choose the user who is created between the specific span. Fill the empty blank spaces.

Step5:Or choose the default value because when you are going to use the plugin for the exporting. The plugin is going to set a value for each space for exporting.

Step6:There will be a CSV file. You only have to choose the CSV file, and the plugging will download it to your system. Confirm the download by clicking yes.

The exported files are downloaded to your system. If you want to open the file, use any spreadsheet or Microsoft XL to open the file. And This file format is a comma-separated type.

If you want to store the file, you can take the help of the XL sheet or the google spreadsheet. Like the regular XL data, your exporting data of the WordPress users will store in the system.

The Advantages Of Exporting And Importing The WordPress Users 

For the multiple WordPress website handlers, the import and export are like a relief. You know which is the social media ghost mascot. Like the other social media platform for Snapchat, engagement with the customers is playing a significant role. And your customer data is providing you the opportunity to offer your social media connection.

The advantage of the export and import of the word press users are 

  • You can easily migrate the posts and the pages between the WordPress websites.
  • For increasing the customer’s and the viewer’s engagements, the customers’ data is quite important. You can simply save the data of the customers by importing and exporting. And start the individual communications through the mail. Only you have to add the feature for mail alarming.
  • For the same niches, multiple websites export and import playing a significant role in the viewer’s engagement.
  • When you want to copy the posts and pages from any source site, exporting is the easiest one.

Wrapping It Up:

For headache-free exporting and importing, always use the import and export plugin. So what is your experience regarding the import and export of social media pages? Do not forget to share your experience with us.

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