How to Get More Comments on Instagram

The Instagram algorithm is constantly being modified. Before the number of likes, you received made a great difference in how often you got featured on the explore page (this is where everyone wants to be). But right now it’s all about Reels and comments. If you have the skill to create excellent video content, you can create Reels, but if you don’t you can simply post more feed posts and focus on getting more comments. 

This will increase your chances of getting featured on the explore page. So, here’s how to get more comments on Instagram…

Create top-quality content that attracts responses:

People will give you 101 techniques to get more engagement on Instagram. But at its core, the number one technique is to create great content. Followers will only engage with your content if it is good enough. So, spend an ample amount of time creating top-quality visuals. If you want more engagement than your competitors your content should be better. 

This is why you should do ample amounts of market research to see what your audience is creating that’s working for them, and then create content on similar topics, but better than theirs. This will help you stand out from the competition and more people will like your posts and comment. 

Add a call to action: 

If you want more comments you have to ask for them. Most people just post and hope that engagement happens. But this is the wrong way to go about it. Instead of just posting quality content, you should also write a caption with a strong call to action. In the caption, you can write a question asking them to leave a comment. This will get you a lot of comments. Also, make sure you include a few hashtags in the caption. As they can increase your post’s reach. 

You could also try overlaying text over the visuals and ask people to comment. 

Grow your following

It’s natural that if you have more followers you will get more comments as more people will see your posts. So, work on growing your following. You can actually take the average number of comments you get and the number of followers you have and calculate how many followers per comment you get. This will help you figure out how many followers you need to reach your commenting targets. 

Growing your following takes a lot of time, so be patient with this technique. Don’t try to buy followers as those followers won’t comment and Instagram might shadowban you for buying fake followers. 

Instead, you can buy an Instagram account from an influencer or a competitor. Make sure you do your research while buying this account as it needs to have a real following. Many people out there build accounts with fake followers and try to peddle them. But if you do your research and buy it from a reputable site you will get an account with real followers. It needs to get the average number of comments or more. 

For best results, also make sure the account you buy is relevant to your business. 

Run a contest

One of the easiest ways to growth hack your way to more comments is to run an Instagram contest. People love contests and they would be open to giving a comment in exchange for a chance to win your prize. My favorite comment contest is the comment and tag contest. This is where people need to leave a comment and tag a friend. The benefit of this is that the people who get tagged check out the post and then leave a comment too. Then their friends check your post and on and on. It can seriously bloat up the comments you get. 

You might also want to ask them to take some extra steps such as to like your post, follow you and sign up. This will help you gain more followers and grow your email list. You can use this email list to generate a lot of sales. 

While running the contest give participants a prize that’s relevant to your business. Most people make the mistake of giving them an expensive prize like an iPad or a car and attract the wrong type of audience – everyone. As a business you don’t want anyone, you want followers that will buy from you in the future. So, brainstorm gift ideas that your potential customers want and pick the best one. 

Usually, the best thing to giveaway is your own product. If people are taking part to win your product, they are definitely interested. They might want to buy it if they don’t win. 

Build a community

You don’t want people to comment once and never again. You want them to come back again and again and leave a ton of comments on every post or every other post at least. This is why you should make a habit to respond to every comment. Your followers will begin to like you more. This can seem like a lot of work, but you can easily do this on your mobile phone while waiting for something. 


These are the top tactics to get more comments. Implement them to see stellar results. These techniques will land you on the explore page and get even more comments.

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