How To Get A Job For AWS Solution Architect?

With the increasing complexities in the market, there are a number of job profiles that are coming up among the organizations. When it is about the IT sector, one of the major profiles that is now trending is that of the AWS Solution architects. AWS has left behind a number of other competitors in the market such as Google, Microsoft, and others and have become the top most service provider at present. This is the reason a large number of companies throughout the world has been accepting the Amazon services in their operations.

Due to an increased demand of the AWS services, these companies are also looking forward to hire the best professionals who are known as the AWS solution architects, AWS developers, and many more.

But getting the job profile in such big companies is not an easy task. There are a number of challenges that an individual needs to meet up in order to get selected in the best companies. Some of the tricks and ways that a candidate can approach in order to get selected in some of the best companies globally are mentioned here.

Get Your Certificates

Today, one of the most important thing that the companies are looking forward to is the certifications attached to the resume of the candidates. Even if you are highly experienced enough, the organizations will wish to see the certification of any of the technical courses achieved mentioned on your resume. This is the reason, the demand of many of the technical courses have suddenly spiked up. There are a number of reasons why organizations are insisting to hire candidates with the right certificates.

One of the major reasons is basic knowledge. Candidates who are experienced may have knowledge of working in the right way. But the candidates who are certified have basic knowledge about the topic also that is much more important. Not only the basic knowledge, the certified candidates also have in-depth information about a number of topics about the AWS. This can be helpful n a number of ways at a number of places.

Also, candidates who have a certification pursued are not to be much confident and motivated and are able to provide a much efficient result that those who are not. This is because the professionals with the certification are aware of the various techniques such as team management, scheduling, communications, and so on, that are an integral part of any project. Apart from this, the professionals are aware of such tactics and strategies that the non-certified candidates are not aware of. When these strategies are made use of, the projects become much easier and hence getting fruitful result becomes much convenient.

  • About The AWS Course

There are many of the AWS certification courses available today, but one of the most high-paying one as of now is that of AWS solution architect certification. In order to approach this particular certification, the individuals need to have eligibility of having basic Linux skills and also knowledge about at least one programming language.

The certification course has been designed for some of the professionals such as IT managers, testers, developers, administrators, and system architects. Apart from these professionals, the certification course can be also taken by anyone who has an interest in knowing more about AWS.

After the completion of the certification course, the candidates will be able to know a number of things such as planning systems on AWS, becoming skilled in developing applications, understanding the security system, establishing the proper AWS uses, and also identifying various control mechanisms.

Having An Experience

Though the preference is higher for candidates with certification, this does not mean that experience is not counted. Candidates with experience are always in demand, provided, they also have the certification attached with the resume. It is always a preferable thing to join a local company in the same field after completion of the certification course. This provides you experience in the field and also provides you a practical platform to apply the theories that you have learned so far. Having such an experience offers you much higher confidence and motivates you even more in your work.

After you have worked in such a local space and gaining a good time of experience, you are ready to face the interviews of some of the major business hunks around the world. There are a number of companies that have criteria of having certification along with an experience of a few years in the field in order to get selected in the position. Also, having an experience along with your certifications makes you much stronger than your competitors and hence the chances of getting selected in much higher. Also, the chances of getting a much higher salary package also increase.

Preparing For The Interview

There are a number of times when you have the certificate with you and also you are experienced enough, still, you may not get selected in the profile. This happens because you could not crack through the interview properly, because your preparation for the interview was not strong enough.

There are some of the questions that can be tricky while there are some for which you need to have proper knowledge about the topic. Some of the questions that are quite commonly asked in an interview are:

  • What are the responsibilities of an AWS solution architect?
  • What are the key guidelines to design AWS architecture recommendations?
  • What can be the possible challenges that an AWS solution architect need to face?
  • How can you improve your AWS skills?
  • What are the instances offered by AWS?

Apart from some such questions, there are a number of times when situations are provided and then questions are asked based on such situations. These can be quite tricky and mind-boggling situations that the candidates need to handle and answer correctly.

Maximum of the questions in the interview are asked as per the things that you have learned in your course. So, before you go for such an interview, try to go through your modules once and remember what you have learned during your course. Some of the questions are tricky and you need to use your brains in understanding it. This is the time also where your other skills such as patience and IQ is tested. So, do not hurry and take your time in understanding the question well and then answering in the right way.

Why many of the companies look for certified candidates is that they prefer to have someone who is able to handle the situations with the in-depth knowledge of the field. This is the reason, in order to judge your knowledge, technical questions are asked. Also, to know whether you are practically aware of the concepts and terms or not, tricky questions or case studies are discussed. The answering of the tricky questions based on case studies become quite smooth for a candidate who has experience of a few years in the field.

AWS or the Amazon Web Services is dominating the market due to its super cool features and effective results. This is the reason, a lot many numbers of firms across the world are making using of the system. It is being said that in a few years, the maximum of the organizations will turn to AWS. To understand the system well and to handle it professionally, the companies are looking ahead to hire professionals who are not just experienced but also certified in the AWS courses. Candidates with such skills should be alert and aware of the various tactics available so that they can perform best. Also, such skills are required so that they can crack through the interview in the best way and can also come up with a great salary package in the best company.

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