How to Choose the Right Web Application Framework?

If you are planning to develop a web app, then the first thing you should decide is the right web application framework.

As an entrepreneur, you should quickly launch your web application before your competitors to make an impact in the market.

However, developing a web application from scratch is not easy and the developer has to write lengthy codes, some of them are even repeating in nature.

To solve this, you need a robust framework that will ensure that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel by writing repeating codes. Rather you should spend your time and creative energy in developing exciting new features.

So let us dive in and understand how to find out how to choose the right web development framework that would be perfect for your needs. 

10 Steps for Selecting the Right Web Application Framework

We have tried to provide you with comprehensive and easy-to-follow steps through which you can identify which web development framework is ideal.

So let’s get started! 


You should also find out about the licensing requirement of the framework.

Certain frameworks have a very restrictive licensing rule.

You hardly want to build a web application and then find it difficult to exploit it commercially due to the restrictions imposed by the framework license.

You should also look very carefully at the licensing of any plug-ins or extensions that you use with the framework.

Software pattern of the framework

Different frameworks use different software patterns like the MVC (Model View Controller), MVP (Model View Presenter), MVA (Model View Adapter), and AVC (Application View Controller).

You should select a framework, which has a software pattern that allows you to write better codes for a highly functional web application. 


The hosting requirements of different frameworks may differ greatly.

While some frameworks can function smoothly even on shared hosting, others require non-traditional hosting setups. 

How easy to install

Another important thing that you should keep in mind when selecting a framework is how easy it is to install in your system.

Any framework that is easy to set up and is faster to deploy is always preferable, as you want your framework to be working as soon as possible.

How easy to learn

You must choose a framework that offers a very flexible workflow and has the shortest possible learning curve.

Make sure that when you select a framework, you should know the language in which it is written.

Otherwise, you have to first learn the language and then start developing a web application that can take a longer time.

Framework Library

You should select a framework that has a robust and extensive library that not only allows you to control some of its features but also ensures that you don’t have to write repetitive codes.

While talking about the library of a framework, different developers have different needs.

For example, some developers want to work with a framework that offers the bare essentials, whereas others want to work on a framework that offers a large number of features.

Therefore, figure out which one you need and select accordingly.

DB Abstraction and ORM

You should choose a framework that gives you the flexibility to change the database later if such a need arises.

Furthermore, you should also look at the Object Relational Mapping (ORM) that allows the developer to show data as an object and how it relates to other objects. 

JS Library

If the framework you have chosen comes with a JavaScript library, then it is a great plus point for that framework.

Many frameworks also allow you to swap out the JavaScript library without any issue.


You should select a framework that lets you write unit tests, which will allow you to find out the overall functioning of the critical parts of your application.

This is very important as you can quickly find and fix any performance issue that is flagged while testing. 


You should do proper research about which framework allows you to do thorough documentation.

Then select one that gives you the ability for a comprehensive documentation process. 

Online Community

You must select a framework that has a huge online community of other programmers.

This is important because in case you come across some difficulties while developing a web application, then you can seek their help or suggestions to overcome the challenge.

Additionally, you will find that any framework that is used by a huge number of developers has a more robust design and minimum bugs.

As thousands of developers are using the framework every day, if they find any issue, then it is flagged and then solved in a very short period.


If you follow all the steps that we have shared with you in this article, then you would find it very helpful in choosing the right web app development framework. 

We have tried to tick all the boxes of what the web app development framework should offer that includes a smooth designing process and an easier way to find and fix any bugs and offer updates for the web application.

After choosing the right framework for your next web app project, the next step is to hire the right development company. 

Here, it is recommended to approach the best web application development company because they will help you in choosing the best web app framework for your project and then provide you with a highly scalable & reliable solution as per your requirements.

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