How To Add Google Reviews on Website (The Easy Way)

Adding Google reviews to your website can be of great importance and also adds more value to your website. 

The collection of reviews is extremely important to maintain a consistent reputation across the web and increase your business’ brand value. 

Business runs on faith, be it big or small. It is crucial to understand and know what your audience thinks about your service or product. 

Imagine a customer visiting your website, and the first thing they see is good reviews. Wouldn’t it immediately make the visitor feel confident about your business? The answer is a big YES! 

That’s the power of reviews. Provided they must be organic reviews. Buying fake reviews and fooling your audience into believing in your business is never the solution to upgrading your business. Take the ethical route. It might be more time-consuming but will fetch you more results eventually. The key is to be patient and wait for the magic to happen! 

Can you add Google reviews on your website?

Google reviews is a platform for clients and businesses to share their feedback that is too free of cost. This a great way to increase your brand visibility on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) 

There are a few easy ways to embed these valuable stars into your website.  

3 Easy Ways to Add Reviews To Your Website

Your budget, business strength, and basic understanding will help you determine which of the following options make the best fit for you. 

#1 Install a Widget

One of the easiest ways to get Google reviews on your website is to install a widget. Relatively, they are much easy to install and free of cost or at bare minimum charges. However, Beware! There’s no guarantee that Widgets would work perfectly or work at all due to bugs on the website or can be incompatible with certain systems.

And while most widgets are simple click to install processes, there may be a few widgets that may get confusing to operate with. 

#2 Taggbox Widget

With Taggbox Widget by your side, you can easily curate, customize and embed your Google reviews for websites. This way, you can showcase credibility and increase the conversion rate of your website. 

For embedding Google reviews on your website, you can utilize Taggbox Widget, which needs no technical expertise or coding and can be easily done. 

Taggbox offers many multiple features like creative themes to make the widget look more attractive and beautiful. Taggbox widget is fast and responsive and does not hamper the user’s experience on the website. You can maintain your content’s topmost quality with the advanced moderation filter option and filter out any obscene reviews or comments from your clients. 

Apart from this, the Taggbox widget also provides the facility to track the widget’s performance with the help of insightful analytics.  

#3 Use the API

An Application Programming Interface (API) allows different software to communicate at the back end. Using the API can be quite a technical task. If you have a team of developers in your business, then they can operate efficiently & automatically extract the Google reviews. 

No doubt it is a time-consuming method and much more technical than the other ways mentioned. It may be tricky to implement for small businesses and those with little to no technical knowledge.  

Summing it up

There are no second thoughts that displaying your reviews on your website is a brilliant way to increase your brand visibility and improve your business. It may be slightly time-consuming and may make you spend a little from the pocket, but we promise after a while, you will reap the benefits of it. Not only will you witness a tremendous gain in on-page trust, but you will also see a growth in the conversion rate. It is the power of User Generated Content. 

When an audience leaves a review, it is the customer’s way to be the brand’s voice. Recognize them and give them their due value by acknowledging the review, be it negative or positive. 

We highly recommend you to have a few team members on board for especially replying to your audience. Keep the tone polite and friendly at all times. Give across the message to your audience that you are always available at their service and never fool them into buying your product or taking your service only to increase the sales. 

Remember, If you are going to display your Google reviews on your website, you need to always put your best foot forward.

It is important to have a strategy to ask for reviews from your customers at the right time because reviews will ultimately boost your rankings on SEO. 

Ultimately one customer will take a word from the other customer about a business rather than the business itself!

A freelance content writer formerly worked out of Adam Smith Institute in California.