How BigCommerce Integrated Applications Help In Accelerating Your Online Ecommerce Store
Has Online Shopping become the new normal in the current situation?

The latest statistics have claimed the same, U.S. online grocery sales grew 22% in 2019 and, propelled by high demand from nationwide COVID-19 lockdowns, stand to surge about 40% this year.

Online Store Owners have seen a surge in the way consumers are shopping, driven by the need to address a global crisis. As marketers and online store owners, we can use this information and statistics to learn, reflect, and understand how we can evolve in this ever-changing atmosphere.

The comprehensive journey of building a successful eCommerce business starts with choosing the right eCommerce platform. Out of numerous eCommerce platforms, BigCommerce comes bundled with a plethora of performance-enhancing functionalities and modules.

What is BigCommerce?

BigCommerce is one of leadingSaaS eCommerce platforms, empowering over 153,817 eCommerce stores.

The platform provides you with a complete engaging online shopping experience through key features and benefits such as Multichannel selling, Cart-level discounts, Abandoned cart saver, and so much more.

Some of the most popular brands using BigCommerce are Skullcandy, Clarks, Hush Puppies, Gillette Venus US, Fujitsu, Toyota, Kohler, and Cetaphil, etc.

Big Commerce Integrated Applications

Benefits of using BigCommerce as an eCommerce platform:


As most of your consumers shop online, with options like mobile themes, you will easily be able to optimize your shopping cart for mobile devices. In this technology-driven time, that is a benefit you cannot be without.

Product Syndication:

BigCommerce as a platform has the potential of bringing more traffic to your website with product syndication and shopping feeds. Bigcommerce allows you to simply connect with eCommerce platforms also as enjoy some popular shopping feeds like Shopzilla and Google product search.

Payment Gateways:

Another important feature of BigCommerce is that it supports the main payment gateways. Easily integrate payment gateways like PayPal and Google Checkout with this handcart software to simply accommodate your customers for a convenient shopping experience.


Not only is BigCommerce one among the foremost popular eCommerce platforms around, but it’s also one among the foremost affordable. This comes true for both start-up costs and on a long-term basis. With the cost-efficiency that’s BigCommerce, you’ll be ready to economize. At the top of the day, it’s all about the numbers!

Quick Set-Up:

With its quick setup time, you’ll have the advantage of getting your handcart up and running quickly and simply. This is some extent that ought to not be overlooked since, as they assert, time is money!

Timely setup can accelerate your online revenue to another level.

User Friendly:

BigCommerce is also user friendly. We know you’ve got more important things to stress about than deciding the way to use a replacement eCommerce platform and you’ll find an excellent deal of convenience in being able to quickly set things up and be on your way to what really matters: making money.

BigCommerce Integrated Applications: An Aid for your Online Store

BigCommerce makes it easy to make and maintain an eCommerce store. It offers a comprehensive range tool that allows you to customize your online store, manage payment & shipping, and list your products on Amazon, eBay, and Facebook.

What’s even better when you can integrate it with over a hundred other third-party apps to maximize your online store potential. Automatically track orders, create payment receipts, and analyze data by integrating your BigCommerce with best-in-class tools for emails, payments, customer support, accounting, ads, marketplaces, and more.

Why should you use BigCommerce Integration?

BigCommerce integration can boost the sale of your eCommerce store without much complexity. You can easily track and stay updated with all the latest information such as orders, shipments, and inventory for your online store via these third-party integrated applications.

You can easily integrate your BigCommerce store with applications such as BigCommerce MultiVendor MarketPlace, BigCommerce SMS Notification, BigCommerce AliExpress DropShipping, BigCommerce Ask a Question, and BigCommerce Salesforce Connector.

This BigCommerce integration is straightforward to line up and requires no coding skills. You can integrate BigCommerce with any of the favorite apps in only a couple of steps.

Here’s a breakdown of BigCommerce Integrated Applications that you must try to boost revenues for your store:

BigCommerce MultiVendor MarketPlace: Now you can convert your BigCommerce store to a full-fledged multi-vendor marketplace, with the

BigCommerce MultiVendor Marketplace application to convert a single admin online store to a multi-seller Marketplace.

BigCommerce SMS Notification: SMS Notification is the best way of customer service. Once your existing customers have received customer service texts they become more aware of future promotional texts that add value to your business.

BigCommerce AliExpress DropShipping: Now you can easily integrate your BigCommerce store to AliExpress, thus this application came into the picture.

By using “BigCommerce AliExpress Dropshipping” an admin can import products and product details into his BigCommerce store and can start selling those products on his own store without managing the products inventory for his store.

BigCommerce Ask a Question: This application allows a customer to ask an issue about the merchandise and an admin would reply to the customer. Thus it makes the shopping experience reliable and trustworthy.

BigCommerce Salesforce Connector: This application is acting as a bridge between BigCommerce and Salesforce with the concept of service first approach. With the assistance of this application, admin can easily synchronize Customers, Categories, Products, and orders to Salesforce CRM which can help them to trace sales and growth trends.


If you are looking for an eCommerce platform that is easy to use and optimizes your online sales potential, you will find what you are looking for in BigCommerce. As one of the foremost popular and most affordable eCommerce platforms out there, there’s much to love about this handcart software.

Although no e-commerce solution meets every store’s need, it’s important that it helps you to engage shoppers and increase legitimate online sales. This you can achieve easily with BigCommerce applications which have been mentioned in this blog that caters to the specific needs of your consumers for you to make a legitimate step towards increasing your online sale.

I am a profound technical writer and consultant working with SaaS-based product companies for over 5+years. Currently, I am working on Salesforce based integrated applications, accelerating online store revenue.