How a Personal Mission Statement Can Make You a Better Project Manager

If you ponder on the mission statement of your company, you will notice that it articulates the core aspiration and values of the business. More than just words hanging on the wall, your firm’s mission statement gives direction and meaning to its existence.

The same holds when you have a personal mission statement. You will no longer wander around, looking for something that will give your life meaning. It’s probably the reason why it’s sometimes referred to as “purpose statement.” When you have a mission statement, you know exactly where you’re going and what you want to achieve.

The Value of a Personal Mission Statement

Crafting a personal mission statement requires reflecting deeply on things that mean the most to you. As you go through the process of defining and articulating in detail the direction and purpose of your life, you will learn the following in the process:

  • Deeper self-awareness
  • A clear sense of purpose
  • Better judgment
  • Taking responsibility for your life

Learning from Your Personal Mission Statement

As a project manager who is primarily tasked to work toward the achievement of a goal, you can apply the lessons mentioned above and be better in what you do.

Here are just some of the ways how:

Knowing who you can improve your productivity and keep you ahead.

As a project manager, you must handle different aspects of the project all at once. This includes managing numerous people with different personalities, tracking deadlines, and reporting to your superior. All these responsibilities can exhaust your energy, leaving you much less productive than you intended.

A deeper self-awareness can address this problem. As you craft your mission statement, you will learn more about who you are. You will discover what you want, what you need, your ideal work environment, your stress-triggers, and many other things. All this information will be useful as you manage your project and your team.

When you know yourself better, you will have a greater understanding of how to go about your day. It would be easier for you to handle stress and responsibilities, thereby making you more productive and on top of your game.

Having a sense of purpose will aid you in persevering during challenges.

A mission statement provides a clear direction in life. When you know your essence of being, it is much easier for you to go through your journey despite any upcoming challenges.

Managing a project is not exactly a walk in the park. It’s easy to give up when things get complicated. However, if you know the purpose of your work, you can continue to persevere and work even harder.

Better judgment will help you make decisions.

As you faithfully abide by your mission statement, you will learn how to cautiously separate people, things, and events into two categories: necessity and distraction. This skill can help you become better at prioritizing and making decisions.

Learning these skills will be very helpful in your roles as a project leader. Remember that effective project management requires that you know how to focus your attention, time, and resources on activities that will lead to project success.

Creating your mission statement is not a mere academic exercise. If you stay true to the process, you will learn valuable lessons that you may not otherwise learn in your daily life. These life lessons will not only make you a better person but can also positively impact your professional career. 

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