Which Form of Biometric Verification is More Business Friendly?

Generally, biometric identification solutions work on fingerprint scanners or iris scanners but the major problem with this kind of user verification is that it is both costly as well as limited in the use. The cost goes up because of the specialized hardware-based verifications that are necessary for capturing the unique and specialized biometric data from the users.

The organization or business has to collect uniquely identifiable data means that performing that verification has to make a substantial investment not only in the hardware equipment but they also need to make sure that the data collected is transmitted, stored and protected in line with legal compliances governing their operations.

Importance and Viability of Biometric

Now that we have discussed the importance and viability of biometric verification for the sustainable growth of organizations with online businesses, it is important that we determine which form of biometric identification is more business-friendly.

As we have already discussed in the above lines that fingerprint scanners and iris detection solutions are costly and become an almost insignificant form of verification for business models that require clients to perform online identity verification.

There was a lot of enthusiasm for the use of these two technologies when smartphones with fingerprint scanners were introduced but unfortunately, the steep price of mobile phones with these features has made it impossible for online businesses to perform biometric verification remotely with the help of fingerprints or iris scans leaving facial verification as a viable option for online businesses.

How Advanced Biometric works in our Platforms?

Advance biometric solutions are mostly developed to capture the unique facial features of an incoming user and match them with pre-existing facial images data records.

Biometric signups and identification of a user via biometric features create an opportunity for the online platforms to get rid of age-old business practices of verifying the credentials of a user with the help of password-protected logins and even recently made obsolete method of 2-Factor Authentication. 

Instead, online systems are now used to automate the entire customer lifecycle, and biometric controls are the most appropriate format for verifying the customer’s identity before registering with them. even with an ID or credit card.

This not only protects the future user experience from identity theft or account transfer but also protects the business interests of an organization offering online services to its customers.

How Facial Verification is more Authentic?

Features like liveness detection and anti facial spoofing technology make the biometric identification solutions an appropriate alternative to fingerprint scanning and iris-based identification. This means that only the cost of the solution has to be paid by the vendor instead of paying for both the hardware as well as the solution, like in the case of fingerprint scanners.

Facial features and the unique biometric markers help a biometric identification solution to differentiate between an authentic user and scammer is state of the art in detecting any attempt of fraudulent verification or spoofing.

  • Facial features are unique and as this type of biometric verification doesn’t need any contact with hardware so its really difficult to spoof.
  • Facial verification technology with 3D liveness detection verifies the face along with movements that are hard to fool.
  • Facial verification can identify faces from a distance making this system more secure.

Moreover, according to recent research, fingerprints are not unique patterns. There are possibilities that fingerprints match with another person or are somewhat identical making this type of verification vulnerable to identity theft fraud. Facial recognition does not require any additional hardware making it highly accessible and cost-effective. Without further ado, it can be concluded that out of all forms of biometric verification, facial recognition is the best for your business.

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