How a Fruit Sorting Machine Will Disrupt Industrial Automation

Now the things are getting easy for the producers. People in the manufacturing industries do not require spending their valuable time and energy in segregating fruits and vegetables and foreign material. We invented an effective color the sorting machine for your ease and convenience.


The machine is robust and reliable. It is especially useful for harvesters. The sensor in the machine recognizes the color of the stuff and act according. The machine also does well segregate the foreign material as well.

Overview of the NFM food color sorting machine

This is a high capacity and high-performance machine

  • It can work in extreme weather like high humidity, hot and cold weather.
  • The machine is easy to use and need low maintenance.
  • The sorting machine runs with operator control.
  • It has easy functionality and flexible adjusting features.
  • It has different food sorting application like for tomato, onion, and garlic.

The best part of the NFM sorting machines is that they do not need much maintenance.  These machines are not very complicated. They are high-performance machines with easy operation technique. No specific technical training is required to run the machine.

Fruit Sorting Machine

The benefit of using TOMRA’s NFM field sorting machines is as below:

  • This can increase your output and production of your company.
  • You can save the labor cost.
  • You need less manpower to run your business.
  • This can increase your business reputation.
  • You can deliver timely service to your customer.
  • You can build a better customer relationship.

The NFM sorting machines offers excellent sorting service with low running costs. No matter if the environment is full of dust and dirt or unfavorable weather.

The high performance sorting machines can deal with all kind of harvest without compromising the quality of service in extreme weather condition like cold, hot or wet weather.

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