Guide For E-Commerce Conversion Rate Optimization

Any business is established with the intention of earning profits.  An e-commerce portal is not an exception but this motive is achieved only with good conversion rate. If the conversion rate of your e-commerce store is poor, it is time to dig deeper to introspect the reasons for poor conversion rate because a good e-commerce store should not only generate good traffic but also convert them into customers by motivating them to purchase the product which is alternatively termed as conversation rate.

This is a juncture where your journey begins in designing e-commerce store from the perspective of the targeted customers.  The logic lies in providing the customers what they require through an easy interface that directs to the product they want to purchase at a good price. Here are few guidelines that help for e-commerce conversion rate optimization.

Filter your audience

The audience whom who are interested in the product offered by your business or services are called as targeted audience. You should filter your target audience, I mean, you should know about them before you start your e-commerce store optimization. You should run an analysis about the customers who are interested in purchasing the product so; you need to know both behavioral and emotional patterns of the traffic that reaches your website to filter target audience.

It is important to know your customer to increase your conversion on the e-commerce store. Their decision to purchase the product on the store mostly depends on three things: the first is product image & second one is product description which are the first part of e- commerce store optimization. Last but not least website/webpage should secured by SSL certificate while entering confidential information as data security is the most important factor in this technology world & people are becoming more aware about their data security day by day.

Analyze traffic

Traffic diverted to the website is another important factor for conversion rate optimization. If you are having less than then sales a week, probably, your store is in less traffic so, efforts should be invested to make it big. The best way to do is set up a Google analytics account to know where your sales come from and what are the channels that are offering returns on investments to know the channels that you have to invest in to raise traffic.

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Navigation friendly

Next, to product or service you offer, navigation of the e-commerce site plays the most important role in increasing the conversion rate of the e-commerce store. Every customer who reaches the e-commerce site will have a goal of reaching desired product on the store in the short time without any fuss and this is only possible through user-friendly navigation on your e-commerce store. Navigation on your e-commerce store should make customer moves easy on the store.

Adding advanced search to the navigation bar is one of the easiest ways to help the customer reach the desired product in the short time. This advanced search option will simplify your navigation especially when you have a large e-commerce store and increase your conversion rates.

Good images 

Images on your e-commerce store represent your products to the customer and these images stand as another motivating factor for the customers to take a call of action which in turn will increase conversion rate in the e-commerce store. You should have good images on the e-commerce store so that you can showcase your products in the best possible view. The best way to do it uses a zoom lens and click from different angles to get better image display of the products and it works like magic in increasing your conversion rates.

Product information

This is another crucial part of conversion rate optimization. Your product content on the e-commerce store should be keyword rich interesting and engaging as well. Present as much as information you can so, the customer finds important and informative content about the product and it will go long way in increasing the conversion rates. Promote call for action buttons all through to persuade visitors to purchase the product. Alternatively, you can also promote your products through video content.

In fact, they are the most effective way to convey the message about your product directly in a simple way and they help greatly in increasing conversion rate of the e-commerce store.


Shipping charges are main culprits of killing conversions. “While a survey by Trimble found that more than half of respondents (58%) would choose free or discounted shipping as the main way to improve e-commerce”. It is important to say transparent about your pricing. If possible offer the customers free shopping discounts to increase your conversion rates.


People prefer to shop in the online market over offline not only because of the convenience but also because of the discounts that are available. Make sure the deals and discounts on the e-commerce store are displayed clearly to drag the attention of the customers. The right place to display this crucial information is the home page of the e-commerce store. As the discounts and deals offered by the business increase your conversion rates, make sure they catch the attention of the customers.

You can enhance your conversion rates further by displaying the image of the product along with the deals and discounts available on the home page.

Mobile friendly website

It is important to keep your e-commerce store according to changing trends. There is a huge rise in the number people who access the required information or purchase a product through the internet accessibility on the mobiles. Having mobile friendly e-commerce store is not an option anymore. It is mandated to have mobile-friendly e-commerce store to increase the conversion rate.

However, you should ensure that your mobile-friendly website has limited number of pages to offer good customer experience and help in increasing conversion rates.

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