CDN for your WordPress Blog

Before we start to explain why CDN is necessary for your WordPress blog to let us clarify one thing regarding CDN and web host. CDN is something that you need to have on top of your web host account and this will help to speed up things on your blog. It does not replace your web host account.

What is CDN?

It is a short form for Content Delivery Network and can be defined as a network of servers that are used for faster delivery of cached static content to the users based on their geographical location. In other words, it is a network that will find the server located near to you and deliver the content you were looking for. Making it simple for you with an example to understand how CDN works actually.

When you are making a request to a WordPress blog which has its central server located in Houston, Texas. If the traffic is high after your request is placed then it becomes difficult to process your record. In such situation, CDN comes into play by loading the page from the nearest server from your location. With the help of CDN, the WordPress pages are loaded faster as the server located near to you can respond to your request. Your proximity to the server has an impact on the load time and this is where CDN becomes handy.

You can buy the service from the different service provider and optimize your page. Make sure you compare some of the service providers before making any investment. One of such CDN service provider with an optimum price range and good service delivery is ahcdn. They have all the features for a good CDN provider available with reasonable price.

Why your WordPress Blog does need CDN?

We already know the importance of having CDN for any website. If you have a WordPress blog and want to have a maximum visit to your page then having CDN for your blog can be one important aspect of achieving this.

Speed: one of the most important changes you can find on your blog is the speed of your blog. Once you have CDN for your blog the loading time and response time for your blog increases. After you have CDN for your blog it starts to respond to the user based on their geographical location and the loading becomes faster.

Resistance against crashing: with the increased number of visitors to the site it becomes important that you manage the traffic properly. All the request coming from the users must be handled properly and CDN helps you with this. You need to make a proper cache setting along with CDN and this will help your blog from crashing. With multiple servers distributed around the globe, your page can respond to multiple request at one time.

Improve user response: your blog might be getting negative comments and feedback due to slow response and loading. Once you step up your performance with CDN you will start to get a good response from your users.

Improved SEO: It has been said multiple times by Google that the sites that are faster tend to come top in search engine. With proper optimization of your site, you can find that your sites come on top of the search list.

Ajay Sharma is a start-up Investor and co-founder of the Digital Marketing agency SWT, He is a highly influential research analyst and strategic marketing consultant.