GTA 5: What makes the game so great

The Grand Theft Auto is a series of games developed and marketed by Rockstar Games based in the US of A. The very first edition came out in 1997 and was hugely popular in the gaming world. Subsequent versions were also well received, and there are millions of fans of the GTA series in and around the world. GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas are the most popular ones in the series, and there are very few people among the “ 90’s kids’ ” who haven’t played one of these in their lifetime. As of August 2015, Grand Theft Auto has sold over 220 million units, and that is a big number, something only the best titles can boast of.

The most recent edition is the Grand Theft Auto V, and it is the focus of this article.

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Grand Theft Auto V launched on 17 September 2013 for the PlayStation 3, after all the hype and did well to serve the expectations of the hungry, loyal fans from around the world. It took another year for Rockstar games to bring it to the Xbox platform and it was 2015 by the time Windows users got to experience it. While playing on Windows OS you might face a lag in your gameplay make sure you have fixed Antimalware Service Executable error to improve gameplay.

It is part of a popular series and had a lot of expectations to live upto. Rockstar games simply could not afford to release something that would upset the fans and ruin the franchise, and they have done it well. Despite the bad name and hate it got due to the violence and the way women are depicted in the game in some missions, GTA 5 was a huge success and has sold more than 80 million copies since its release. Here are six things that make the game great:


    The map is simply huge and is a big improvement over its predecessor. It is modelled primarily by the city of Los Angeles and parts of California. The sceneries are breathtaking and have received a lot of praise for the amount of detail the developers have put into designing the map. The graphics are all intense, and so it should be, given how far the industry has developed since 1997.

  2. Storyline:
    Every GTA game has a story to tell. There is always a protagonist whose life we are living. GTA 5 tells the story of three big-time robbers – Michael, Trevor, and Brad. Getting too much into the story in this article would kill the game for you, it is something to be played and lived. The storyline is interesting and is one of the best.

  3. Multiplayer:
    Grand Theft Auto Online is the name given to the online multiplayer version of the game, and it turned a lot of heads. It soon became a place for people to kill time with their fellow gamers. The multiplayer version lets users roam around the map along with their buddies and play missions as a team. It has taken multiplayer gaming to the next level.

  4. A Huge array of vehicles: The ability to roam around the map in different vehicles, hijacking new ones from the poor passersby has always been a thing to do in GTA. One could get any vehicle available in the game ranging from cycles to military tanks and ride through the cities destroying as you go. There are several versions of existing GTA games that have fan made vehicles replacing the original ones. GTA 5 upped the ante and had added hundreds of vehicles for users to cruise on. It has everything from simple bicycles to sophisticated jet planes. One can even wear a scuba gear and dive into the wide ocean to kill time.
  5. Weapons:
    Violence has always been something that attracted people to play the game. GTA has always been famous for the hundreds of ways it offers to kill a human. GTA 5 has added a new way to choose weapons with a menu to quickly choose between your tools.

    Rockstar has also added an all-new first-person shooting mode that reminds one of the Calls of Duty series. It was a huge step, and the switch from the third person to the first person changes the gameplay altogether.

  6. Missions:
    Missions are the essence of any GTA game, and as a gamer progresses through the storyline, the missions get tougher and tougher. With GTA 5, users now have the freedom to decide how to do a mission their way. They can plan how to do it, and the game adapts itself to the actions of the gamer, despite limitations. Technology isn’t quite there yet to let gamers do whatever they want.


There we said it! That was our take on the Grand Theft Auto 5, and now you know why you liked it. Go ahead, buy it and play it if you have not already. Happy gaming and don’t forget to check my blog

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