Free and Pirated Streaming Services Vs Premium & Legal ones

We are living in an era where the Internet is taking over almost everything we were used to off, such as our sweet had written letters have been replaced by Dynamic Font filled messages and emails, similarly, our Traditional cable TVs are also being replaced by new and more efficient Online streaming services.

According to Statista, during the survey(in the USA alone), 54 percent of respondents aged 18-29 stated that they use streaming more than traditional TV.

These services have slowly taker over us and are now becoming our one of the primary source of entertainment in daily life, while there is no wrong in that but why you should even bother about these online services?


These services provide us with the freedom to enjoy our favorite TV shows and Movies on the go. We don’t require to sit for hours and hours in front of a TV and you can even use these services in travel and many more places where you can get a TV.


We get to decide things on online services, we can choose the show we want to watch, at what time we want to watch.

We can’t miss any show as they all are available in libraries 24*7, and not only this but we also get to take breaks accordingly, we can pause a video and come back after a week to finish it, everything is possible guys, no problem here.


When TVs came for the first time, the market was revolutionized and everyone started creating content for it, similarly nowadays more and more content is being created only for these online streaming, they also have the content of TV plus most of these services creates their originals too, overall huge amount of content for users to choose from…


As the TVs shows commercial very often that some of us don’t like but are bound to watch them there is no skip option after 30 seconds :p

However, on these services, there are no commercials, and even if they are they are short and relevant.

Now I am sure you must have been influenced by these features and would get the point why I tell everyone to shift to online streaming services, but there is one more thing you need to take care.

That is which type of service you really need to use on these sites?

Yes, there are types majorly 2 of them, i.e, Free and illegal ones and Paid and legal ones.

What happens when you see the free you get trapped in the thinking that why to pay when everything is for free?

Let me tell you:

Paid and Legal Services:

These include big giants such as Amazon Prime and Netflix, these services are not free but worth every penny spend on them. They offer a plenty of features, as well as a guarantee of safety while using, some of these features are:


These services are free and legit to use, you are not going to face any legal issue when using them, this is because these services are licensed and take special permission from the Producers of shows and movies and even share some percentage of revenues with them, Government won’t disturb you and as safety matters most these services always stand out in this.


You will rarely see any ad on these services and if you encounter one they must be very relevant to your content and useful too, you will mostly see ads for different TV shows and movies here.


Quality matters in every aspect of our life, and so it matters in these services too, no one wants to see a low-quality video and thus these sites provide with best streaming quality with amazing audios.


These sites are usually very clean and simple to use as they tend to make the experience of their visitors better and better, every show and movies are categorized here properly. Users can filter things out an can even ask for support if they are not able to find anything.

Free and Illegal Services:

These services are a big trap from the moment you start using them, they offer everything for free and not just free completely free, no hidden charges, I know it sounds perfect but these services are never actually free.

They take out their costs from cheap ads and scams that users are not usually aware of, everything fine from the distance is just a disaster when you look closer to these sites.


No Safety:

These sites are not safe to browse at all, there are 2 reasons behind that:

  1. These sites are illegal and use the content without any permission and due to this they are blocked in many countries, if your country’s law about piracy is strict you can face serious issues if you get caught using these sites.
  2. These sites are full of malware and are famous for completely infecting users devices, sometimes by Trojans or maybe Harmful Viruses.

According to EverythingTuner, these sites are neither safe nor legit to use.

Poor Ads:

Don’t expect any quality ads from these sites even in your worsts dreams, cause they will be scattered for sure. Full of junk these sites serve ads that are neither useful not relevant.

Most of these ads are pure malware, you may often see the popups asking installing latest media players and all which are no media players but malware, similarly, the download ads that they serve are also fake and give nothing but harm.

Low Quality:

These websites offer low-quality videos that will often ruin your whole experience, you are free to visit them if you want to see your favorite TV show in 360p 😛

Awful Design:

These websites are known for their design at the moment you will visit them, they will remind you of 1990s website designs. As we know these peoples who run these sites don’t give a shit about their users this applies to their website designs too.

So now we have seen both of them from very close, and if you got a piece of brain you might really not want o use illegal sites anymore, however, they will still attract you as they are free and we are bound to get attracted towards free things, but whenever you want to use them just see this article, every time.

So tell me if you have ever used previously these sites or not? I will love to hear back from you about this…

Hey, This is Aditya Singh, a 17 Years Old Blogger from India. I usually Blog about Self Help, but as a Hobby, I sometimes come in Tech and Movies Niche. I love connecting new peoples.