Follow these Security Practices for making your Cloud Computing System Threat Proof

The anticipation rate of the technology is leaving all the business and the enterprises awestruck. After the evolution of the internet, the market has witnessed the inundation in the technologies and out of all of them, one that is steadily making its place in the enterprise world is cloud computing. Cloud computing is emerging as one of the most important platforms for seamless mobile application development.

Well, yes all of us are already aware of it, we are all using it for storing large chunks of data and information. But, the question remains still unanswered when it comes to security. Nevertheless, people are using this virtual space for localizing their information and is economical plus accessible as well, but what, if your information gets hacked?

According to the statistics, around 50% of the individuals adopt cloud technologies on the basis of general security parameters, thus it is very important that once you consider it, make sure about the addressing solutions for fixing the desired security issues.

Needless to say, cloud technology is very important for businesses so its just to take the pain of fixing all the security-related issues. Therefore, for making your business run smoothly we have here accumulated the best security practices that must be implemented in the year 2018.

Why is actually cloud so important for your businesses?

The very first reason why businesses are moving their data on clouds is just that it is cost effective.  But remember to opt for the security solutions before placing the data. Here we have outlined few of the cloud computing solutions and services by which you can save money in the following domains.

  • You will cut down on the manpower as using the cloud technology will help you to manage the data without any manpower.
  • You cut down on the energy consumption as the number of systems required for storing the data will lessen down.
  • Lesser operational bugs
  • Fewer updates


It helps in making business scalable

Well, yes when you are running a business, you will probably think about making it scalable. The cloud servers allow the enterprises to expand themselves as and when required. The cloud hosting platform will automatically adjust to your overall business growth and thus will help you to save on extra manual power, money and time.

Provides flexibility

The robust and sophisticated cloud servers allow you to work from almost anywhere. Since the data is stored online, you can access it with an utmost ease.  Thus, you can store the data, work on it in a secured form without any external intervention.


Security practices that the businesses must adapt in 2018

Now since the cloud technologies are changing with the every passing day, hence the businesses are required to be in the pace with this technological evolution. So, whether you have added the cloud or on the verge of adding it, here are the practices that one must implement.

#1 Add encryptions:

This is the most prominent security technique and everybody knows about it. Well, it will be playing a major role in defining the security standards of your cloud servers.  Use the encryption techniques while accessing and storing the data. Almost all the digital products are now using the encryption for safeguarding their user’s data, thus using it is undeniably a favorable option for your enterprises.

#2 Use protective layers:

Allow your cloud service provider to deliver the role-based access control attribute. This feature aids the users to edit their personalized data in a very fine manner. The hosting server must allow the users to access control the data plus must also chart the proper bifurcation of the duties across the organization to maintain the overall system data integrity. This way it becomes easy to handle the external data breaches thus protecting the stored information.

#3 Define and analyze the business model

While you are thinking of adding a cloud server, there are few points that are required to be considered. Yet the businesses are required to pay full attention while implementing the security but at the same time, it is the service provider also that needs to pay proper attention towards the security parameters. Precisely, it is a shared responsibility that must be undertaken.

There are different methods of applying security parameters by different technical experts. Depending on the platform you are using such as Platform as a Service (Paas), Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), Microsoft Azure of the Azure, one must select their core responsibility areas.

Few domains that play a major role are:

  • Controlling the networking protocols
  • Securely protecting the physical components
  • Infrastructure management
  • User and end to end management
  • Classification and data accessibility
  • Accessibility control


Now when you are stepping into the world of cloud computing, it is very liable that the information stored can be attacked by the hackers. So, in such a case it becomes extremely important to select the reliable and appropriate cloud computing security checks plus ensure that all the parameters are covered. Therefore, it is just to test all the strategies that you have applied to proffer the protection to your cloud hosting servers.


Wrapping Up:

Since most of the businesses are directing towards the cloud computing, needless to say, the cloud computing services will form the shape of enterprises in the foreseen times. Yet the fact remains true, that the security-related concerns still surround, but then fixing them with the right strategy will surely help to reap out justified benefits for your businesses.

Arun loves technology and love to see it growing. Just to be a part of this evolution, he started working as a programmer, later turned an entrepreneur. At present he is the Managing Director of Octal IT Solution, he takes the responsibility to decipher the versatile existing business requirements, to develop the remarkable products that are quality driven and technologically sound.