Everything You Need to Know about Best iTunes Alternative

Amongst the different platforms in accessing music, iTunes has been high quality and outstanding for music, TV, movies, etc. Moreover, the number of iPhone or iPad users is increasing, and hence there is more demand for the iTunes alternative in the coming years. There are many different reasons, iTunes users are looking for an alternative that makes it easier to use, less time consuming, and offers flexibility. Nowadays, there are more users looking for audio streaming software that is fast, intuitive, and easy to use. Here are some of the sites like iTunes that have been discussed. 

iTunes & It’s Alternative


In the music world, MusicBee has been a great iTunes alternative. One of the benefits of using this is it does a lot of things for free. In other terms, MusicBee can be defined as a modern version of Winamp, without any complexities. Hence, it is similar to sites like iTunes where one can customize the likings, playing, artist bios etc. It looks very pretty as well as supports plugins of WinAmp. With android and other devices, it enables to sync music and can also convert tracks that are not compatible to the player. 

In simple terms, it can be stated as, those who are looking for just a player can go with MusicBee. Some of its other features include web radio stations, podcasts, as well as SoundCloud integration. Not only with the UI but it also enriches the user listening experience with gapless playback, theme support & volume scaling.


Another great site like iTunes is WALTR2. This works with both Windows and Mac OS with an easy drag and drops design that makes transferring media at ease. Comparatively this iTunes alternative is quite more expensive than the other. Like others, WALTR2 supports a wide range of audios and videos including PDF & ePub. One of the great features of this alternative is it does file storage automatically. 

It is one of the most powerful and convenient platforms. The files and also the big video files get transferred easily from Mac to iPhone. Hence, it supports every kind of file transfer. For transferring the file to native iPhone apps it supports music, videos, audiobooks, PDF, ePub, etc.

Vox Music Player

If anyone is looking for a site like iTunes, no other option is as awesome as Vox Music Player. With the Vox music player, one can import, control, arrange music files easily. It supports multiple audio formats that offer high-resolution playback and results best in listening to music. The Vox music player is unique compared to other alternatives as it offers around 30K radio stations, unlimited cloud storage so you do not have to worry about your device storage. Hence, it has found one of the best iTunes alternatives and an outstanding media player.

If anyone is looking for a rich-featured player like iTunes, then Vox media player is the right choice. It supports multiple audio formats including mp3, mp4, FLAC, CUE, M4A, APE. Additionally, it also supports personal music libraries, youtube as well more than 30K radio stations.  Some of the additional features include enhanced stereo sound, cloud storage, gapless playback, etc.


MediaMonkey is known for handling large collections, complex libraries of audios and videos. It is a powerful media management tool that can handle any file format. With the help of this software, any file can be locally stored from the source and can also be streamed online. This is usually more profitable to use those who are handling large videos and music libraries. Like other iTune alternatives, it also supports multiple file formats like MP3, AAC (M4A), OGG, WMA, FLAC, ALAC, MPC, WAV, CDA, AVI, MP4, OGV, MPEG, WMV, M3U, and PLS etc. 

The navigation of MediaMonkey is hassle-free and can identify movies and tracks easily. Another pretty functionality is it arranges or sorts the tracks that are not synchronized. If anyone has to hold a large number of audio and video files, MediaMonkey is one of the best alternatives to iTunes.


For IOS devices, PodTrans is specially designed as a data management tool. Here the term data management sounds in terms of managing music libraries. Using this proficient tool, one can manage their music libraries, as well as transfer files across IOS devices. One can easily transfer music from the desktop to the iPod. With a couple of clicks transferring is done easily.  Likewise, it also supports different media files including audio, videos, TV shows, movies and many more. 

There is a simple drag and drop feature for transferring files and hence is the best alternative to iTunes. It supports both Windows and Mac OS. This benefits in managing content in multiple devices where transferring can be done easily from one device to the other. Yet another important feature of this Podtrans includes, one can select any type of content. The content is chosen from apps, cameras, movies, books. Herewith this software the management is easily done.

iTunes Alternatives: Making Your Work Easier

The above listed are the list of some of the best iTunes alternatives that one can choose to manage music and other media files on iPhone or iPad. These applications have mostly performed all the actions that are carried by iTunes. Whether you are looking to play or an alternative to iTunes, these are some of the options that one can choose. Have a look at the list of iTunes alternatives and choose the best iTunes clone for yourself. 

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